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Published: June 8, 2024

19 Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Psst – Mother’s Day is right around the corner! We love taking this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for our mothers, aunts, sisters, wives, and grandmothers for all that they do.

The Integrative Nutrition community is largely represented by powerful moms who are agents of change in their families, workplaces, and communities, spreading a ripple effect of health and happiness around the world.

In case you need some last-minute inspiration on what to give mom this Sunday, we rounded up a list of Mother’s day gift ideas. Many of the products are created by incredible members of the Integrative Nutrition community!

  1. Poppy Seed After Garden Soap Bar – Made by artisans in upstate New York with local goat milk, the poppy seeds in this soap are natural exfoliates.
  2. Wood Gardening Set – These tools are made of durable stainless steel and ash wood, and are adorable to boot.
  3. I Love Me jewelry – These beautiful statement pieces from IIN graduate Arielle Haspel are all stamped with “iloveme” to inspire self-love. 
  4. SW Basics Cream – All of the skincare products from IIN graduate Adina Grigore are amazing, but this lotion – made from only three ingredients – is truly phenomenal.
  5. Sakara Life meal delivery – This organic meal service from IIN grads Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise are lovingly made and delivered straight to your home!  
  6. Intensati: Intention and Power – This workout DVD from IIN grad Patricia Moreno integrates movement with meditation to leave you both toned and inspired!
  7. Garden Boxes – These cute and handy kits from IIN grad Laura Baldwin make it easy to grow poppies, heirloom tomatoes, even edible flowers! 
  8. Nala Malas – These necklaces fuse style with spirituality. Traditionally used for meditation in Hindu and Buddhist practices, these beads are simply beautiful.
  9. Not Your Sugar Mamas Chocolate – Naturally sweetened with coconut palm sugar and maple syrup, this chocolate from grads Bennett Coffey and Kyleen Keenan is handmade on Martha’s Vineyard!
  10. Cush Mango Hair Pomade – Out of the entire line of holistic beauty products from grad Toni Parker, we love this buttery moisturizer the most.
  11. Cooking Fundamental Course – Help any home chef take it to the next level with this wonderful course from grad Jenna Edwards on the best cookware, shopping lists, pantry staples, and more!
  12. A Life Balanced Nail Therapy – This luxurious blend of essential oils from grad Alana Hinds is designed to soothe, repair, and strengthen beautiful nails. Plus it smells great!
  13. Blissful Eats Chocolate Bites – These healthy treats from grad Nicole Culver are a great gift for any brownie lover. Packed with brown rice protein and chia seeds, they’re nutrient-packed and filling!
  14. Spiritual skincare affirmations – Give your skincare regimen a boost from the universe! Grad Rachel Pontillo will help you make your positive thoughts a reality with a customized affirmation.
  15. Honey Vanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter – This decadent nut butter from grad Sarah Kay Hoffman is out of this world – and it comes with a spoon, meaning it’s meant to be eaten straight from the jar!
  16. Cook mom’s favorite meal – Whether it’s breakfast in bed or a more elaborate dinner, you can’t go wrong with a home-cooked meal of your mom’s favorite fare!
  17. Afternoon of babysitting – Moms of young children often don’t get time for themselves. Offer to watch the kids for an afternoon so she can enjoy a much-needed break!
  18. Create a memory book – A scrapbook or photo album with photos and captions from all your favorite vacations and childhood memories is sure to be a treasured gift for years to come.
  19. Plan an outing to her favorite place – Does your mom love the beach? Enjoy hiking? Simple picnics in the park? Whatever it is, plan a small excursion to take your mom to her happy place.

What did we miss? We’d love to hear your Mother’s Day gift ideas in the comments section below! We hope you all have a happy Mother’s Day!


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