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Published: June 8, 2024

Meet our Graduates: Holli Thompson

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Integrative Nutrition is proud of the accomplishments of our graduates who are working to bring health and happiness to people around the world.  Recently, we caught up with Holli Thompson to hear what's new and good.

What were you doing before IIN?  I had a career in fashion and fine jewelry in New York City, working for Macy's NY, Tiffany and Company and Vice President for Chanel Inc.

What led you to explore IIN's program?  I developed health issues after moving to Virginia, and after discovering a food intolerance that both my son and I shared, I knew that this was something I wanted to learn more about.  I was also looking for purpose in my life and I felt called to the nutrition and health field. 

What happened since you enrolled in IIN's program? My life has transformed. I continued to learn and explore, changed my own and my family's lives, and have had the honor to help and influence many, many people. 

What did you learn at IIN?  Nutrition is integrated into our lives.  We are what we eat, and we each have our own "nutritional style".  I also learned many wonderful business solutions and reminders about all the basics.  If you are missing the business piece of your practice, this is the school for you.  And if you are a business person, this is a fabulous, up to date reminder of what you need to know. 

What do you love about the school?  Learning different and sometimes opposing points of views on nutrition.  Learning that nutrition is a new field and that studying this field is an ongoing process.  IIN remains current on the issues; they are in the forefront of nutrition science, politics and business methodology. I also loved the people I met, and continue to meet through IIN.  It's an incredible self-selected group. 

Your studies led you to start a business. What's the name of your business? Nutritional Style. 

What do you love about your work?  I love reaching people with a message that can transform their lives.  I love working on issues like helping a woman lose 50 pounds, discovering an asthmatic child has a food intolerance and watching his asthma go away with dietary changes,  teaching business women how to feed themselves with limited time, and coaching my clients on how to transform their appearance with their food. It's profound. 

Tell us about your practice  I am a public speaker, for women's networking groups and organizations, and have been in the media on TV, (Fox, ABC) and radio.  I have been an on-camera correspondent for video movies for a non profit organization, one of which was shown to the US Congress.  I am a writer for an on-line magazine and my articles have been picked up in several nationwide publications, and I write for my own blog.  I have conducted tele-series, and will soon be releasing a CD set based on one of those.  I also host wellness events and work with private clients.


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