November 10, 2010
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March 4, 2021

Get Connected with Maureen Wheeler

Integrative Nutrition 2009 graduate, Maureen Wheeler, was dealing with a heavy workload and a possible Lupus diagnosis when she transformed her health and her life. She enrolled in the school and became committed to living the life of her dreams.

“IIN provided a support network unmatched by anything I have ever experienced before. My friends and teachers all offered of themselves unconditionally."

What were you doing before IIN?

I have a professional background as a social worker, but for the years right before I enrolled at IIN I was a full time mom of 3 boys, an officer on the Board of Trustees of their Waldorf School and I chaired several Board Committees, a $500,00 financial campaign, and several event committees. I was always on the go and the words self care meant taking a shower! As much as I enjoyed this work, I was not taking care of myself and ended up with some serious health complications. After two TIA’s (Transient Ischemic Attack) left me unable to walk without assistance and speech impaired, I began a long lonely journey to reclaim my health. Along the way I had to confront past traumas, a gluten intolerance, systemic candida, an black mold exposure, high inflammation, heavy metal toxicity and a looming Lupus diagnosis.

What led you to explore IIN's program?

I was able to completely reverse all of my symptoms, including an autoimmune disorder, and found myself in the position of offering advice and suggestions to many people who were seeking out some support with their own health. I felt as though I needed more training to really transform my desire to guide and support people into a relevant and successful career. 

Did you have a major health transformation while enrolled in IIN?

 My transformation occurred prior to attending IIN, but my comprehension of how to balance out my life grew by leaps and bounds. I am finally in a yoga practice, I take daily infrared saunas, I make time for exercise, I plan delicious meals for myself and my family and I still have time to build a business which I love.

How did your experience at IIN help you heal with nutrition and lifestyle?

IIN provided a support network unmatched by anything I have ever experienced before. My friends and teachers all offered of themselves unconditionally. While in my first year of Immersion I experienced the loss of my beloved father. It was the constant support from my IIN family and solid, constant support for me to use extreme self care at that time that I credit for not having any of my past health issues relapse. My stress was so high and yet I was in a community of people who know how to balance life, work and play and they lovingly supported me in taking those steps.

What happened since you enrolled in IIN's program?

I opened my own business, It’s All Connected Natural Health & Living and it is the perfect match for me. I have referrals coming from an MD, ND, Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer that supported my business growing immediately.

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What did you learn at IIN?

How to own a business! I had lots of great ideas, but I think my tendency was to sit down with someone and tell them everything I could think of that would help. In the long run, that didn’t help - it was just overwhelming. IIN did a fabulous job of not only taking us step by step through the process of becoming an entrepreneur, but they also gave us the skills and tools to know how to most effectively support people in their desire to become happy and healthy people.


What do you love about the school?

I love the passion that is present from the top down and the bottom up! It is an incredibly diverse group of people, yet the common thread in every person I have encountered through IIN is that we can heal and transform the world by educating and supporting people to eat real food. I also love that it goes beyond food and acknowledges how relationships, career, spirituality and physical movement all interplay with our well being. I also have to add that I have LOVED my mentors at IIN. These individuals have been among the most brilliant and gifted people I have ever met. I knew after my first mentor call (and classes had not started yet) that that relationship alone was worth every penny of tuition. I had support for my own health issues, issues that my children were dealing with, building my career, navigating being back in school, accountability to follow through and a constant source of loving support.  I always tell people that it was the best decision I have ever made.

What do you love about your work?

I love my clients! Each one of them inspires me and drives my passion even deeper. I also really love that I am my own boss and that I have never had to miss a school play or sporting event because  was stuck at work. My schedule is my own to fill with work that is meaningful, profitable and highly valued.

Tell us about your practice.

I began my practice with a broad target market. Since most of my clients sought me out and were referred by other health practitioners, I found myself with a wide range of clients, mostly presenting with digestive issues, excess weight, gluten intolerance, and a host of complicated symptoms feeling like they were at the end of their rope. I have been so proud to transform so many lives in such profound  ways. I have worked mostly with individuals and couples and have done some corporate work as well.

 I have loved all of this, yet I am now in a phase of developing my signature program. I have learned something from every client and have put together a program that I think will be wildly exciting and successful. Unfortunately, I am putting the finishing touches on this and do not want to give away my exciting news before it is launched, as the launch itself will be a BIG deal. Here’s a hint though, it’s something that every mom I have ever met has longed for…

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