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Published: June 8, 2024

Health Coaching Duo Turn Their Dreams into a Reality

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Making a major change to your lifestyle can be difficult, but when it makes you happy, it’s completely worth it. Integrative Nutrition graduates Leigh Rogers and Togo Keynes learned this first hand when they decided to quit their jobs and focus on doing what they love. Now, they have a blossoming Health and Wellness brand, Me Organics in the United Kingdom with a very bright future ahead! Check out their story here:

What were you doing before Integrative Nutrition? Leigh was working for Commission Junction as a senior account manager in affiliate marketing in New York and I was a senior management executive working for leading sports marketing company, IMG in New York. 

What led you to explore Integrative Nutrition's program? We were always really interested in health and wellness, and out of the blue Leigh got chatting at a friend's wedding to a past Integrative Nutrition graduate who was raving about the course. After checking out the IIN website we both signed up!

What happened since you enrolled in Integrative Nutrition's program? We left New York when I was recruited to become CEO for a multi national sports TV production and content distribution company. I commuted between London, Dubai, and Melbourne virtually every month for business, working 18 hour days, seven days a week to re-build the business. After almost 18 months working in a stressful environment, I decided to change my life once and for all and dedicate my time to doing what I loved. I am now helping Leigh and her sister with our new business called Me Organic. Since we returned to London, Leigh has spent most of her time working on building our health and wellness company which offers health coaching, our gluten and dairy free products and our recently launched cooking classes.

Integrative Nutrition Interviews Leigh Roger's business partner Togo Keynes What did you learn at Integrative Nutrition? Their philosophy of bio-individuality, primary foods, and their 90/10 mantra stand out. On a personal level, it was learning how to be at one with our body, interpreting our bodies’ messages, and naturally healing it through wholesome foods and managing our primary foods.

What do you love about the school? Their passion to continue to educate and empower people! 

How has studying with an international Health Coach Training Program benefited you? Its fantastic to have met so many people from such different walks of life and cultures and still have access to that network of help and support a few years later. We have learnt so much about health and nutrition that has not only helped us educate our clients but has enabled us to make big changes in our own lifestyles that has been hugely beneficial.

What do you love about your work? Changing people's lives and sharing in that satisfaction!

Connect with Togo and Leigh on Me Organic’s Facebook page.



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