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And the ...
Published: June 8, 2024

And the Winner of the Transformation Contest is...

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Happy New Year! It’s the first day of 2012 and the perfect time for a fresh start!

How could your life change in just one year if you enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program?

We asked our community to send us their most inspired Integrative Nutrition transformation stories, and we were completely amazed by their triumphs!

After calculating your votes, we’re so excited to finally announce the winner!

And the winner is…

Sue Brown
Narbeth, PA
Class of 2011


“52 lbs. in 52 weeks at age 52”

As Sue tells it, her IIN Transformation helped her find: “How to crowd out sugar with Primary Food. How to sustain weight loss for four years through Yoga. Journaling. Gratitude. Mood-raising beta-endorphins. Calming serotonin. Home cooking. Kombucha. Meditation. Vitamin L(ove). Raw cacao nibs. Zumba. And my tribe … IIN Health Coaches are the best peeps on earth!”

Sue will be traveling in style as a VIP at the March 2012 IIN Mega Conference in the Los Angeles area, plus she can pamper her VIP self with spa treatments from SpaFinder! She can also inspire someone else’s transformation by gifting a FULL Tuition scholarship to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!

It was a close race…there were 9 runners-up who had equally amazing stories:

Brian Kudler
Brooklyn, NY
Class of 2012


Found his authentic self, married his partner, and opened a non-profit.

John Paulo Pabustan
Las Vegas, NV
Class of 2012


Transformed his whole body and whole life with healthier choices.

Kimberly Thompson
Tampa, FL
Class of 2011


Healed a loving childhood friendship that had a falling out.

Melanie Woodrow
Norfolk, VA
Class of 2012


Found true happiness and let her life bloom.

Melissa Ambrosini
Sydney, Australia

Class of 2012

Healed many chronic conditions and stopped taking multiple prescription medications. 

Pamela Dyer
Bonney Lake, WA
Class of 2012


Found new career direction and discovered she had celiac sprue.

Polly Noble
United Kingdom
Class of 2012


Found the tools to help her body heal and prevent cancer. 

Roxanne Anderson King
Rockville Centre, NY
Class of 2007


Created the family of her dreams and a healing spiritual practice.

Sheri Oppenheimer
Atlanta, GA
Class of 2011


Overcame her own anxiety, helped her mom stop yo-yo dieting, and now has a thriving practice.

Now it’s your turn… what do you secretly wish you could transform in your health, career, and life? 

June 8, 2024

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