January 6, 2012
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

The IINsider's Digest: Vegan Bodybuilders, Anti-Obesity Ads, The Ripple Effect and more!

Welcome to 2012! As usual, there's been a lot of action in the health and wellness world. President Bill Clinton is recommending his favorite diet books since adopting a healthy lifestyle, and a controversial anti-obesity ad running in Georgia has people buzzing. Vegan bodybuilders tout the benefits of a plant based diet, and Integrative Nutrition Founder, Joshua Rosenthal is profiled for a leadership award. All that, plus the ADA has made a name change, but some of their corporate sponsorships unfortunately remain the same. Read the rest right here in the IINsider's digest.

Transforming the world, one bite at a time
Profile of IIN Founder Joshua Rosenthal by grad Margie King
Joshua Rosenthal is the father of the very non-traditional Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world.  But as Joshua likes to say, IIN is not really a school, but a movement transforming the world through the ripple effect of its very simple message:  food changes everythingRead more.

The ADA Needs to Change More than just its Name
Many dietitians are not very happy with the way their profession is perceived by the public, so in that sense a rebranding is necessary. And a name change is certainly part of that, in some cases. Apple Computer changes their name to Apple Inc when the iPod and iPhone started to take off. But for the ADA to be relevant and successful in the coming decades, has to do much more than change its name. Read more.

Mark HymanBill Clinton Has a Healthy Appetite for Diet Books
Featuring IIN Faculty Dr. Mark Hyman
In the past few months, [President Bill] Clinton, at 65, has become the Blurber-in-Chief, an activist health convert who has enthusiastically endorsed three diet books. Read more.

Is eating healthy your New Year's Resolution?
By IIN grad Erin Haggerty
Featuring IIN grads Laura Denman & Sarah Waldman
The Martha's Vineyard Times
In a 2008 report by National Public Radio, Clinical Psychologist John Norcross estimated that 50 percent of adults make a New Year's Resolution. Some reports have that number at 63 percent, and most experts agree that of these resolutions the most common have to do with improving one's well-being: increase exercise, develop better eating habits, stop smoking/drinking, ease off caffeine. Read more.

live a life you love as a health coach guide opt in banner

Georgia's Controversial Anti-Childhood Obesity Campaign: Helpful or Hurtful?
Everyday Health
The shocking images of overweight and obese children have some wondering if you can really shame people into caring about obesity. But the campaign organizers say the tactics are a necessary wake-up call to the state with nearly one million overweight or obese children. Read more.

Vegans Muscle their way into bodybuilding
NY Times
As the popularity of veganism has spread in recent years — fueled in part by a flurry of food-focused documentaries like “Super Size Me,” “Food, Inc.” and “Forks Over Knives” — its imprint can be seen in industries like publishing (VegNews) and fashion (hemp tote bags). It has even entered bodybuilding, perceived by many as a population of vein-popping men and women thriving off meat and artificial enhancements. Read more.

Feds To Rein In Use Of Some Antibiotics On Animals
The Food and Drug Administration is moving to stop the use of some antibiotics on animals. The agency wants to prevent overuse of these drugs so that bacteria don't develop resistance to them. Read more

Did we miss anything? What hot topics did you hear on the web this week?

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