October 12, 2012
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

Nutrition News: Why We All Should Care About Prop 37, How Likely You Are to Respond to Exercise, and More…

It's one thing to vote with our forks. It's another thing entirely for the food movement to turn actively political. But activist Michael Pollan says now is the time to show Big Agriculture that we mean business when it comes to labeling GMOs. Here's why we all should care about California's Proposition 37.

Research suggests that certain bodies are more responsive to the benefits of regular exercise, and now there's a genetic test. The test only measures physical fitness, however, and not the long-term psychological or health benefits that regular exercise can have for all of us. (TIME)

A sugar-sweetened beverage tax may be "the single most effective measure to reverse the obesity epidemic," according to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But if that doesn't convince you, here's more on the soda tax debate. (New York Times)

Researchers in the Netherlands and Switzerland have found that the amount of time spent chewing food can have a major impact on feelings of fullness. Yet another reason to slow down and truly savory our meals. (Food Navigator)

We've all been told that visualizing our dreams - or even making "dream boards" - can help us achieve our goals. But recent psychological studies suggest that imagining our obstacles to success may actually be more productive and motivating. (Behance)

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This Food Day - October 24th - get involved by checking out the exciting events in your city! One of our favorite picks? The national release of Food Mythbusters, a film that argues we don't need industrial agriculture to help feed the world. (Civil Eats)

Free, healthy, wholesome food banks. Sounds great, doesn't it? The city of Vancouver is making this dream a reality, by planting 150,000 fruit and nut trees in city green space. (Take Part)

The New York Times Magazine Food & Drink issue hits newsstands this weekend, and as always there's a number of interesting articles on sustainability and food politics. For starters, follow Mark Bittman to the heart of California's Central Valley, the nation's "greatest food resource".

Wegmans Food Market, the much-lauded, mid-Atlantic grocery chain is investing in a local, sustainable future. A new, 50-acre research farm in upstate New York already supplies produce to two nearby stores, and serves as an incubator for future local eating efforts. (KPBJ)

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