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Published: June 8, 2024

Bloggers Worldwide Spread Message of Health and Wellness

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From Canada to England to Australia, people around the globe are taking it upon themselves to launch blogs and inform the public about the importance of health and wellness. At Integrative Nutrition, we like to support and thank those who are aligned with the mission of our school. When people use their knowledge to teach others how to be healthier and happier, together we can create a ripple effect that will transform the world.

This is at the core of our 2020 Vision, and with 30,000 graduates in 102 countries around the globe, that ripple effect is getting stronger than ever. That’s why this month, we awarded nine talented international bloggers with a scholarship for our upcoming Health Coach Training Program! With their IIN education, these bloggers will continue to do their important work better than ever and will make a true difference in their communities and beyond.

Find out more about each of our scholarship recipients below. We are thrilled to have them be a part of our growing Health Coach community! 

Tanya Alekseeva, UK,

Tanya’s blog features food tips, articles, recipes and workshops focused on the raw foods diet. In a near-fatal car accident as a teenager that almost destroyed her organs, Tanya found that raw food is what helped her regain her health.


Lisa Tabachnick Hotta, Canada, Kids & Mental Health

Lisa teaches readers that it’s never too early to focus on health and wellness. She mixes real medical information with parenting philosophy and humor.



Martyana Candrick, Australia,

Martyana’s blog is a place for natural, additive-free and allergy-friendly recipes. She runs a recipe development and testing business and recently published her first e-cookbook, My Whole Food Philosophy.



Mollie Millington
, UK,

Mollie is a personal trainer and coach blogging about her healthy lifestyle and career. She has contributed to Cosmopolitan UK, PT Magazine and Women’s Fitness and organizes marathons around the world.


Shannon Dunn
, Australia,

Shannon is the founder of Eco Beauty Editor, an elaborate resource of eco beauty and health information that includes recipes, interviews, videos, reviews, and more. She also likes to highlight programs and tools that “may lead you to realize your true potential and help you feel vibrant and beautiful from the inside out.”


Rebecca Weller
, Australia,

Rebecca is a vegan eater who shares delicious recipes on her blog. She attributes her weight loss, increased happiness, spirituality and energy to her diet. “I intend for this blog to be largely uplifting and inspirational.”



Tamzin Pettitt, UK,

Tamzin is a personal trainer specialized in sports nutrition. She decided to start a blog to share her message of healthy living. “My blog is about eating clean, good-for-you, foods with some treats thrown in for good measure.”



Sally Symonds, Australia,

Sally is one of Australia’s “Biggest Losers” without actually having been on the show. She lost half her body weight – starting at 233 pounds, now down to 116 – and now blogs about weight loss! She also works as a mentor and personal trainer helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.



Melinda Hoyer, Australia,

Melinda put her corporate background and passion for health into founding Willow Wellness, an online resource in Australia where people can find wellness businesses, products and information. She says she hopes to do her part by creating a happier and healthier world through her website. 

Congratulations to the bloggers on receiving a scholarship to our Health Coach Training Program! We look forward to their success throughout the coming year.  

*Photos courtesy of the bloggers.


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