January 6, 2013
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

The U.K. Trades in Weight Loss Food Scam for Smaller Portions and Exercise

From shakes, to bars, and frozen meals, it feels like there is a new weight loss product thrown our way daily. One country, however, decided to call it quits on the weight loss food industry scam. New research shows that these dieting products are on their way out in the U.K. as consumers become increasingly skeptical of its claims. Will the rest of the world follow suit on ditching these deceptive food labels?

What’s Wrong with “Diet” Food?
Nothing at all – as long as it actually is healthy and does what it says! According to the study by research firm Mintel, 3 in 4 people believe diet products are overpriced rip-offs, and a whopping 71 percent questioned the products’ misleading health credentials.

According to DailyMail, “half said they actively distrusted them, largely because many contain controversial artificial sweeteners.” Many products tend to put a big “low fat” label on the box, but load the product with preservatives and sweeteners that are bound to make consumers fail at their diets in the end.

Why is the U.K. Standing Up to the Diet Industry Scam Now?
Partly due to the recession, many people are coming around to the idea of eating smaller portions and exercising as the solution to weight loss—and they won’t have to spend large amounts of money doing it.

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More than 50 percent of people in the U.K. are said to be on a “full-time diet” whether to lose weight or maintain, which helped the success of the deceptive low-fat, low-calorie product lines. However, in 2012 when 63 percent of women were trying to lose weight in the country, diet food sales remained stagnant. While 30 percent surveyed said they will stick with diet products, another 60 percent said they will take the portion control option and work out. 

How Do We Know Portion Control and Exercise Work?
As opposed to the quick-fix scam we are often sold on commercials and in stores, exercise and portion control are proven methods for weight loss. It’s hard to see this weight solution as a hoax since no one is making money off of your eating less and walking more. 

The best way to make the transition is to buy healthy fresh foods that you enjoy in place of the processed diet kind, and remember to eat in moderation.  You’ll feel better, save money, and you’ll know what’s in your food, too. 

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