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Katie Flores ...
Published: June 8, 2024

Katie Flores Helps Moms Live Happier & Healthier Lives

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Katie Flores’ greatest joy in life is helping others. First as a school teacher and now as a Health Coach and successful business owner.

She discovered Integrative Nutrition on a health blog and within one week, she was enrolled in the Health Coach Training Program and on her way to discovering a life of wellness and fulfillment.

Read on to learn how Integrative Nutrition provided Katie with the knowledge and inspiration to help moms live happier and healthier lives.

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?

Before I attended IIN I was teaching kindergarten at an inner-city school in Phoenix, AZ. Although I loved the kids, politics ended up getting the best of me. I wanted a change.

What led you to explore the Health Coach Training Program?

While working as a teacher, the staff got involved in a weight-loss competition. I worked out and ate right and before I knew it, I was in the best shape of my life. It fueled me to learn more. Then I met my husband who's a chef and we craved more health knowledge. I ended up getting into health blogging for fun, and I started following other health food blogs. It was then that I came across Integrative Nutrition. I had no money, but within in a week I had enrolled because I just knew!

Which topics and modules were most beneficial for you?

There's so many, but the one that really struck me was the science behind digestion. My dad had been diagnosed with diverticulitis and was having trouble losing weight as well. From what I knew, I was doing everything right. Then, through that lecture, I came to realize how much stress plays a factor. I had all this stress built up and wasn't doing anything about it. That lecture helped me reflect and come up with goals on how to calm myself down. It really ties in with primary foods. You don't hear about that in any other health program.

What projects are you currently working on?

In September, I will launch my first-ever online program. It's called the 30-day Hot Mama Nutrition & Weight-loss Program. I recently had a miscarriage and after three months of pregnancy I put on 10 pounds. I made it my mission to lose the weight and through my experience I came up with a program for moms that was convenient and didn't involve a drastic lifestyle change. It also helps moms realize how important it is to take care of themselves and not feel guilty about it.

What do you love about your work?

It’s been in my DNA to help others. Looking back, the past two years have been life-changing for not only me, but my family as well. My mother-in-law has been able to lose the unwanted pounds she carried through motherhood and my father-in-law beat bladder cancer with my help. There's no greater feeling in the world than knowing you saved somebody's life. That's why I love this work!

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