October 21, 2014
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

Grad Guest Post: Healthy Cooking with Super Food Cards

Greeting from two Integrative Nutrition graduates!  We’re Katherine Sumner, class of 2008, and Casey Seidenberg, class of 2009.  

Upon graduation, we created Nourish Schools to help make healthy cooking easier for everyone. Through our company, we’ve consulted at schools and organizations, given talks across the East Coast, written a regular column in the Washington Post, worked with hundreds of individuals, and appeared on TV and radio. 

Through our work, people told us again and again that healthy cooking is hard. Cookbooks are not user-friendly enough, the Internet is overwhelming, and who has the energy to cook after a long day at work? 

We completely understood where they were coming from. We’d been there—and, quite frankly, we’re still there some nights even though we do this healthy cooking thing for a living!

That’s why we created Super Food Cards.

The Super Food Cards began as simple “cheat sheets” that we gave our clients and cooking class participants to help them cook greens and grains People loved them so much that we were inspired to expand upon the concept and sell them to the general public.

Soon, our cheat sheets evolved into the Super Food Cards: 8 waterproof cards each containing all of the information anyone needs to cook a specific category of food. They cover:

  • Greens
  • Vegetables
  • Whole Grains
  • Beans
  • Fruits
  • Proteins
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Homemade Stocks 

We decided to sell the Super Food Cards as a set, and include some bonus material, such as: 

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  • Over 75 Recipes—more than many cookbooks!
  • The “How-to” and “Why” of each food
  • Easy-to-read Charts
  • Secret Tips
  • A Bonus Card with meal planning ideas, tips to get started, and guidance on how to make the healthy changes last

The cards are waterproof, so people can have fun in the kitchen and won’t sweat the spills.

We created this cards as a tool to help people get healthy, and also as a great resource for our fellow Health Coaches. Coaches can use these cards to teach clients about whole foods, and help them implement your teachings and advice. As IINers, we all share the desire to spread the good news of good food far and wide, and we hope the Super Food Cards will be a valuable resource for your practice.

Several other Super Food Card sets are in the works, including a Kids set, an Anti-Inflammatory set, and a Complete Meal set, as well as cards for the lower income and aging populations, and individuals with cancer, allergies and disease. Our mission is to help people get healthy by getting them into the kitchen and cooking whole foods without stress, confusion, or too much cash. 

We’re so excited to share this product with IIN, where our passion to change the health of our country began!

Attending IIN helped both of us realize the lasting connection between a person’s food and lifestyle choices and their long-term health.

We LOVE what we do!  So thank you Integrative Nutrition for the inspiration and education that jump-started our careers.

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