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Published: June 8, 2024

Health Coaches Take On the Tech World (More Needed!)

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One of the reasons that people enroll in Integrative Nutrition is a desire to be part of a larger movement. For 2013 graduate Jodi Geigle, this was a primary motivation. Beyond a desire to work one –on-one with clients, she knew that she wanted to collaborate with others in the wellness field so that her work could have a bigger impact.

One year after earning her Health Coach certification, she’s doing both things. Her private practice, Eat Clean Health, gives her the space in which to do individual work with clients, while her role as Director of Wellness Development at FitOrbit allows her work to spread far and wide and help shift the health paradigm of our culture—and the newest venture she’s working on at FitOrbit is about to rock the wellness world in a completely different way.

FitOrbit, founded in 2009 by Jake Steinfeld (of Body by Jake), aims to make personal training accessible and affordable to everyone by pairing users with personal trainers who send weekly meal and exercise plans. While this model works well for many, some clients need more 1-on-1 coaching and active support to achieve health. Enter Uptick, FitOrbit’s new comprehensive wellness app, which connects clients to Coaches via video chat, text messages, and photo sharing (if you’re interested in being a beta user, check it out here!).

Rather than prescribing meal and exercise plans, Jodi says that Uptick “flips the typical model on its head” by building strong, supportive relationships between coach and client, which allows them to make incremental changes to create sustainable healthy habits.

This philosophy aligns perfectly with Jodi’s holistic training, as well as what initially led her to enroll at Integrative Nutrition. “I was looking for a program that offered not only scientific nutrition facts, but more importantly, gave me the tools and training I needed to work with clients on a deeper level,” she says.

By providing completely supportive and collaborative coaching to clients, Uptick allows for this deep connection while taking into account each client’s bio individuality through customized programs. It also allows something that can’t be underestimated in today’s fast-paced society: convenience.

More and more, the health and wellness world is catching on the importance of making their services easy-to-use, and employing technology to make this work. “People want relationships and support, yet they also want immediacy and convenience,” says Jodi.

For Health Coaches, platforms like Uptick allow them to use their skills to reach a wider client base while also generating income, gaining experience, and helping educate the public about what a Health Coach is and why they are valuable.

With Uptick currently in beta testing, Jodi and her team are on the lookout for wellness coaches to add to their team—in fact, they’d like to hire 500 wellness coaches by January. She knew there was no better place to look than the Integrative Nutrition community, and wanted to share this opportunity with all of you! If you’re interested in becoming an Uptick wellness coach, apply here!


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