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Published: June 8, 2024

5 Random Acts of Kindness to Make the World a Little Brighter

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It’s World Kindness Day!

Yes that’s a real thing, and we wholeheartedly support the idea to spread a little extra love, pay it forward, and celebrate the power of goodness to change the world in ways big and small.

You know what the great thing is about kindness? It’s the ultimate equalizer. It doesn’t matter who you are or how much you have, being kind is something we are all capable of and if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of kindness when it was needed most then you know just how priceless it really is.

To celebrate this awesome day we’ve come up with 5 simple ways you can spread more kindness, today and beyond!

1. Call your elderly family members.

It’s a small thing that can make a huge difference! The generations that raised us have not only done much to help us thrive and be where we are today, but they’ve lived through some trying times in the world and deserve to know that they are loved and appreciated. Giving your parents, grandparents, or any elderly relative in your life a phone call (or visit) just to say hello will show them that you care and that they are not forgotten, and it will make you both feel good.

2. Smile at strangers.

Will you get a strange look in return as the other person tries to figure out if they know you? Possibly, but just as likely your smile will make them want to smile and that one smile will pass from person to person like a happy virus, uplifting spirits and spreading love along the way. How cool is that?

3. Take care of yourself.

Whoever says kindness towards others is the only type that matters? Being kind to yourself, taking care to nourish your mind and body, following your intuition when it wants to say yes (or no) to something in your life, and giving yourself a break when you need it are a great kindness that you wholly deserve. How can you be kind to yourself today? Whether it’s scheduling a massage, cooking a wholesome meal, or skipping girls night to relax at home instead, do that for yourself.

4. Surprise someone you know.

Have you ever gotten a surprise visit from someone you haven’t seen in a while, or an awesome care package in the mail that came just when your spirits needed lifting? It feels great, right? Think of someone that you love, and give them something good that they’re not expecting. Maybe your best friend mentioned a book she’s been meaning to pick up but hasn’t gotten around to, send it to her. Maybe your neighbor just had a baby and could probably use a homemade meal or help with cleaning up, come over and help. You get the idea. The surprise factor goes great with kindness!

5. Be on the lookout for kindness opportunities.

No matter what you do or where you go you are presented with endless opportunities for kindness every day. The question is whether you take those opportunities, or ignore them. Small things like holding the door or elevator for someone, picking up what someone dropped, contributing to a charity you support when they send an email asking for donations, being patient with a challenging family member, helping a friend move, making soup for your sick spouse, etc. are all ways to be kind in the moment whenever it is needed.

While it’s nice to have an official day to celebrate something as important as kindness, let’s remember to keep it at the forefront of our lives all the time, because it’s the little things that add up to make the biggest impact.

What is your favorite memory of giving or receiving kindness? Share in the comments below!


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