August 11, 2016
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

Graduate Success: Meet Health Coach Paige Schmidt

Meet Paige Schmidt, 2013 Integrative Nutrition graduate and IINspiring Health Coach! Paige is a perfect example of what happens when you combine passion, energy, and dedication with the right training. As a student at Integrative Nutrition, Paige embraced the lessons she was taught and dedicated herself to building her very own health coaching practice. Now, as the founder Healthy Hits the Spot and the co-founder of Finally Free, she’s making a huge impact by coaching women to eat intuitively so they can "make their peace with food, feel great in their body, and DITCH dieting for good."

We recently had the chance to catch up with Paige to hear all about life since graduating Integrative Nutrition. Read her story below!

What brought you to Integrative Nutrition?
I started my blog in 2011 while I was in nursing school to become a registered dietitian. Once I had been blogging for about a year, I knew I wanted a more personal way to connect and work with the women who I had been forming relationships with through the blog. I found health coaching through another blogger, and after asking around to other graduates, I knew IIN was for me. Although it was a bit of a scary leap, it was definitely the right one.

What were you looking forward to most?
Learning to coach other women and getting a business started. 

What did you love learning about most?
Anything Geneen Roth or on listening to your body, since I now coach on intuitive eating. I really love when Joshua speaks because he teaches the concept of bio-individuality so well.

What did you learn that you didn’t expect to learn that surprised you?
The business side of things was incredible!

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 What was your experience of Integrative Nutrition like?
Amazing! Integrative Nutrition is the reason I have the business I do today (I've now been in business for four years). If you're going to do the program, commit to it 100% from the start, and don't stop until you get what you want out of it. Keep going even when certain parts feel discouraging (like anything in life) - just keep going.

What do you love most about the school?
So much! The inclusion of Primary Foods & Bio-individuality, the wide-range of teaching, and the way the school provides you with all the legal & backend documents that you need to get your business started. The FastTrack workbook also really helped me to know how to start my business.

What do you love most about being a Health Coach?
Coaching is my career/calling - exactly what I'm meant to do. I love how rewarding coaching is, I love the freedom it gives me, and I also love the passion it sparks up in my life daily.

How did IIN help you to set up the successful business you run today?
By providing me with the right direction on getting started. Seriously, if you just do what IIN tells you, you can be successful. Use what they give you, and stop looking everywhere else to have a successful business. Just use what they give you to start with, commit, and TAKE ACTION, most importantly.

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