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Published: June 8, 2024

11 Healthy Aphrodisiacs to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day

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Throughout human history, some foods have been celebrated for their ability to heighten libido. The very word aphrodisiac infuses us with sensuality and the anticipation of something pleasurable. But while ancient civilizations – and perhaps ancient farmer’s markets – were wise enough to pick up on which foods enhanced the chances or enjoyment of sex, very few understood why they were effective. The mystery was part of the allure. 

These days, we know the answer is good ol’ fashioned nutrition!

Aphrodisiac foods contain a multitude of nutrients that are particularly good at things like increasing blood flow, producing hormones, or giving a boost of energy. While our minds are busy lost in a reverie of love, these vitamins, minerals, or fats prime our bodies for action.

Just keep in mind that while increasing these foods can put you in the mood to have a very special Valentine’s Day, don’t expect that any single food will transform a tepid libido overnight. A balanced diet, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise are your REAL best bet in having a healthy sex life all year round.

Here are 11 aphrodisiac foods packed with nutrients known to support libido or fertility to share with your lover:

  • Cinnamon -  has a warming effect on the body
  • Peppers – high in vitamin C
  • Celery - androsterone and adrostenol
  • Honey – boron
  • Pineapple –manganese and thiamine
  • Olive oil – monounsaturated fat
  • Pine nuts – zinc
  • Watermelon – lycopene
  • Pumpkin seeds – magnesium
  • Chocolate – causes a spike in dopamine
  • Avocado – vitamin E

Most of these would go great in a salad if you want to create a colorful aphrodisiac medley.

What do you like to serve your partner on special days? Share with us in the comments below! 

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