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Published: June 8, 2024

Meet 'Leadership in Health Coaching' Award Winner Corrin Marquez!

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Congratulations to our June 2017 recipient of the Leadership in Health Coaching Award - Corrin Marquez!

Corrin was brought to Integrative Nutrition after going through her own personal wellness journey where she found her truth. In two years, she lost 75 lbs., discovered a love for juicing and followed a completly vegan diet. Corrin found that she felt incredible living a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about this incredible graduate's story below!

What led you to explore the Health Coach Training Program? 
Although my personal journey changed my perspective on life, wellness, and loving myself, I knew I had a bigger purpose. I had found peace with the woman I had become and knew that it was because I had purposely searched within to find it. I searched with intent and true purpose. I felt amazing but knew that I had a bigger purpose that needed to be fulfilled. A piece was still missing for me. I realized that I needed to give back. I needed to offer my guidance, personal experience, and love to the rest of the world who so desperately is seeking help aside from western medicine. I began my research and after meeting a fellow graduate of IIN at SoCal VegFest, I knew that was the path I was called to follow. 

How did your life change after enrolling? (This may be a small change or a large change, in any way)
I found fulfillment. I realized my bigger purpose. My world opened up and I was encountering so many opportunities that were connecting me to others that were living a life of compassion. I began volunteering with Loveland Farm sanctuary and working on fundraisers to fund the dream of opening the sanctuary in OC. I was later asked to be on the Board Of Directors for the organization and have been fully committed ever since. I feel that the focus on going to school for health coaching has twisted into this beautiful community I have found myself in, and has manifested in so many incredible ways. My life has changed course and I am forever humbled and grateful for all that this has brought to my life. 

Which topics and modules were most beneficial for you? Please list any teachers or ideas that had a major impact on you.
The topics that really stood out to me were David Wolfe's Raw Vitality, Deepak Chopra's universal wellbeing lectures, and Joe Cross Juicing lecture. Before my own weight loss journey, I watched the Joe Cross documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which catapulted me into weight loss. Working on the modules with Joe Cross really brought me back to remembering where I started and how far I have come. The Fear Fallacy with Mastin Kipp also changed my perspective on taking chances and changing the way I felt in the face of fear and uncertainty. 

What are you doing now? If you have a product or are a practicing Health Coach, briefly describe your focus area/clientele. 
I am currently focused on my duties as an active Board Member for an incredible non profit in Orange County, Loveland Farm Sanctuary. We are working hard to raise the funds to open Orange County's first Farm rescue sanctuary. We have plans to educate others on the importance of compassionate living and teaching the community how to adopt a plant based diet. Most importantly, we will be able to save lives of precious animals in dire need of our help and love! 

What makes you and your practice or product unique? 
My coaching practice is focused on helping others transition to a plant based diet. So much of the frustration of health issues others have, are so often the lack of knowledge on HOW to go plant based and how to leave animal products out of your diet without feeling deprived. My goal with the clients looking for a vegan transition is to inspire them to explore the phenomenal world of plants and rediscover their love for food. As a coach I not only focus on diet, but I also focus on teaching others how to align their values to what they are consuming. Living a life of compassion in all areas and towards all living beings is an incredibly rewarding experience that I love sharing with others! 

How do you help your clients be successful? Can you provide a specific example of someone who had great success or one of your favorite Coach- Client relationships? 
Teaching clients that what we put into our bodies is our direct ability to honor ourselves on a daily basis puts things into a different mindset that can be very helpful. Showing others the full scope of the benefits of living a vegan lifestyle also include educating them on what their choices are directly affecting in a positive way. Saving not only their own health but saving the lives of animals can have a tremendous effect on the commitment a client has to not only doing good for themselves but also doing good for the world. I also encourage clients to get involved in the community and give back as part of their personal wellbeing. 

What do you love about your work? 

I love seeing the trajectory of someone's life, perspective, and ability to honor themselves, change. Health and wellness is truly the foundation to an exceptional life experience and being trusted to walk someone through that experience is unbelieveably humbling. 

Is there a need for Health Coaches where you live?
Absolutely. I feel there is a tremendous need in every corner of the world. As coaches, we are here to cheer others on, encourage them to make the changes, celebrate with them, and remind them while in times of doubt, that all of the answers to optimum health and wellbeing can be found while searching within. We help them navigate that experience and find true wellbeing and compassion for themselves and those around them. 

Check out Corrin's website Peace on Purpose Wellness! 

What inspires you most about Corrin's story? Share with us below!


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