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Published: June 8, 2024

How to Build a Health Coaching Business from Scratch

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Hi, I’m Cora Poage, IIN Class of 2008, and founder of Sexy Soul Wellness.  I love helping my clients fall in love with themselves, align with their inner soulmate, their truth, and live a life of sacred service to their unique life purpose on the planet!  You can connect with me on my website, my business Facebook page, or my personal Facebook page.

If you had told me even just five years ago that today I would be the owner of a successful coaching business with a waiting list and set to break six figures, I would have laughed.

Well, at first, I would have thanked you for having so much faith in me.  But then I would have laughed.  I would have been more likely to believe that I was going to transform into a leprechaun, ride a unicorn across a rainbow, and pioneer the first wellness center for Martians with wheat allergies.

So how did a “I’m so not a businessperson” like me become a businessperson?

Here are 5 simple yet powerful steps you can take to start building your own practice now.

Stop saying, “I’m just not a businessperson.”
The more you say these words, the more likely it is you will be heading back to the 9-5 cubicle existence. Would you like to enjoy schedule freedom and limitless earning potential?  Then start claiming it now.   

When people ask how business is going, answer the way you want it to be. 
Act “as if.”  Even when I had two clients, one of them being my dad, and the other my cat, I always answered that business was “blossoming beautifully.”  And very quickly, my business expanded beyond fathers and felines.  I stepped into the reality of the answer I was giving to people.  Law of attraction baby!  It’s not just a trendy theory.

See every opportunity as a networking opportunity.
I have met some of my favorite and most aligned clients on planes, at class reunions, grocery stores, and yes, even in ladies restrooms. Now I’m not saying walk around everywhere you go with your business cards in your purse and calendar ready to schedule health history sessions. Actually, wait – that is exactly what I am saying.  If you want to attract clients, be ready!

Be willing and able to coach friends, co-workers, and the guy who had a crush on you in middle school.
My business built momentum because I had no shame.  I was willing to coach anyone and everyone in order to gain experience and build word of mouth referrals. I took people outside and inside my chosen target market.  All of the experience was worth it and valuable, either telling me whom I wanted to work with or those whom I didn’t desire as clients. Disclaimer: I don’t recommend working with family. Nope. Not even a little.  

Try everything.
I didn’t wake up one day with a line of clients banging down my door. I had to try it all. I was offering health histories to strangers. I went to live networking events, taught tele-classes, gave workshops at mom’s clubs, set up referral partnerships, asked everyone I knew to tell everyone they knew, built my social media following, started a blog, wrote guest blogs, I followed up, followed up, followed up.  Try it all, and then some. 

See what works for you. And do more of that. It is different for all of us.  It’s business bio-individuality.

Right now go to the mirror and say, “I am a successful businessperson.  My business is blossoming beautifully.  I love that my coaching practice is in total alignment with my life purpose and sacred service to the world.” And live your way into this reality with soul-centered action, loving discipline, and commitment.
This path is not for the faint of heart, but it is so worth it. And hey, if all else fails, keep an eye out for a Martian wellness center looking for health coaches.  


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