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Published: June 8, 2024

Highlights from the IIN Live 2018 Conference!

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This year, we were thrilled to host our annual conference in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida. The weekend was filled with inspirational stories, fascinating lectures, people from around the world, and lots of sunshine.

Here are just some of the highlights!

Joshua kicked off the weekend by giving all attendees (both in person and on the livestream!) a warm welcome. He led everyone through a grounding exercise to prepare for all the excitement to come.

We heard inspirational messages from former students who’ve taken the lessons they learned at Integrative Nutrition to spread the ripple effect! They are authors and restaurant owners with thriving coaching businesses and are helping people live happier and healthier lives.

Joshua talked about the importance of public speaking and gave tips and best practices. He even broke everyone into groups where they could practice public speaking on the spot!

In the afternoon, Joshua discussed modern and post-modern nutrition and making sense of all the trending dietary theories. As he says, “food changes everything.” 

As the day’s excitement continued to build, Joshua discussed synchronicity and serendipity. The entire weekend was filled with both synchronistic and serendipitous messages and encounters as students and grads were brought together throughout the conference!

Next, our amazing emcee, IIN graduate and Health Coach Dr. Shaunna Menard, demonstrated how to give a successful Health History and talked about strategies for working with doctors.

Attendees got up and moved and learned about raw foods and how to take their business ideas and turn them into sustainable and successful careers.

At the end of Day 1, attendees walked out into a beautiful Miami evening with full hearts, a sense of purpose, and the support of a powerful community.

On Sunday, the morning was dedicated to learning more about the chakras, being meditative, and celebrating the IIN community.

Dr. Shaunna talked to the crowd about sustainable weight loss and embracing a mind-body approach, both personally and with clients.

Deepak Chopra gave a captivating lecture on holistic health and healing. As he said, “I think Health Coaches need to be — and they are, by and large — the change that they want to see in others.”

The afternoon ended with two brilliant speakers – Dr. Sylvia Tara, who debunked many of the myths associated with fat, and Heidi Priebe, who discussed how to leverage personality types as a tool for both personal development and effective coaching.

The weekend was special from start to finish and another reminder of how wonderful the IIN community is. Together, we are stronger!


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