June 13, 2018

World Blood Donor Day

Every year on June 14, countries across the globe celebrate World Blood Donor Day. 
This important day brings awareness to the need for regular voluntary donors and recognizes those who have donated their blood to improve (and even save!) the lives of others.

World Blood Donor Day was established in 2004 on the birthday anniversary of Karl Landsteiner, a great scientist who won the Nobel Prize for his important discovery of the ABO blood group system. Each year, a different country hosts World Blood Donor Day. This year, the Hellenic National Blood Centre in Athens, Greece, will serve as host. 

The theme for this year’s World Blood Donor Day is recognizing blood donation as an act of solidarity. This focus is so important because it helps illuminate how altruistic and heroic being a voluntary blood donor is! 

Did you know? There is not an adequate supply of safe blood in many countries.
All too often, blood services do not have sufficient blood available or are not able to ensure that the quality of the blood is safe for transfusion. In order to have an adequate supply available for services around the world, regular donations by voluntary donors is absolutely essential. 

Blood donations help save the lives of millions of people every year.
Blood transfusions can help patients who suffer from life-threatening conditions live longer lives. Blood donations also help patients in a variety of situations, such as maternal care and childcare, emergency responses to natural disasters, and medical and surgical procedures.

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Consider this…
A single car accident victim can require as much as 100 pints of blood, and one blood donation could potentially save three lives! Plus, someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds? For more blood donation facts, click here.

Are you feeling inspired to take part in World Blood Donor Day?

If so, here are three easy ways to get started:

  1. Become a voluntary blood donor.
  2. Celebrate the people in your life who currently donate blood and encourage those who don’t to consider doing so.
  3. Let people know how you plan to contribute and spread awareness about World Blood Donor Day on social media.

For more information, check out these resources:

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