July 4, 2018

Personal Independence Day

Every year on the Fourth of July, the United States celebrates its independence from Great Britain. Also known as Independence Day, freedom and autonomy are celebrated by families across the country with fireworks, barbecues, and parades. This year on July 4, IIN will celebrate Personal Independence Day. Rather than being specific to the United States, this day honors independence, freedom, and self-empowerment for individuals worldwide. 

Often, we don’t realize how much we have been influenced by our families, cultures, friends, and environment. We are especially susceptible to being conditioned by our environment as children as we are more vulnerable, open, and receptive. Throughout our lives, we tend to soak up our environment like sponges! While the beliefs and lessons we learn may serve us, or even help us cope and survive, they may not be benefiting us anymore. As an example, we may have learned that we received the most attention and love from our mother when we were sick, so now we hold a belief that being sick or playing the “victim” will bring us love. Or maybe we have learned from our coworkers or friends that it’s safer to “play small” rather than express ourselves authentically.   

The first step to reclaiming our personal independence is recognizing that we (our society, culture, families, etc.) have limiting beliefs. Once we recognize the existence of limiting beliefs, the next step is to decide whether those beliefs are serving us or holding us back from fulfilling our goals. Taking the time to reflect and journal on any outdated beliefs and limitations can be helpful. Then it’s important to set an intention. Together we can declare: I choose to be the authority of my life. I get to decide what is my highest truth in each and every moment. Today, I choose to reclaim my power. (Have fun creating an intention in your own words!) After setting an intention, we can take positive action each day to keep the momentum going.

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For a little inspiration, here are four ways to help reclaim your personal independence:

  1. Set healthy boundaries. Respect your yeses and nos. Say yes when you really mean yes and no when you really mean no. When you say no, fully commit without guilt. When you say yes, be fully present in whatever you’re saying yes to.

  2. Follow your bliss. Are you a people pleaser, jumping through hoops to make others happy? Whether it’s family members, coworkers, or spouses, it’s far too easy to neglect your own dreams! Allow yourself to be selfish and follow your highest excitement. 

  3. Practice self-care. Regardless of how busy your schedule is or how responsible you are for others, consider carving out some time just for you. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to honor your personal independence with precious you time.

  4. Enjoy morning journaling. Take time to write in the morning before you talk to anyone. When we start the day without taking the time to connect within, it can become a bit of a mixed bag! In other words, we may get swept up into other people’s dramas or priorities rather than staying grounded in our truth. Mornings are a great time to envision, clarify priorities, and generate positive momentum for the day.

 Join us on July 4 to reclaim your personal independence and celebrate this important “holiday.”

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