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The Pursuit ...
Published: June 8, 2024

The Pursuit of Happiness

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Independence Day is truly an inspiring holiday. As we celebrate the sacred American principles of freedom and independence, we appreciate the accomplishments of those who have paved the way for us to enjoy the possibilities of our own boundless success.

At Integrative Nutrition, we nurture this sense of self-determination by sharing graduate success stories and inviting powerful speakers to inspire students with the knowledge that when you come from a solid foundation of health and happiness, anything is possible.

Now, after 20 years, thousands of Health Coaches have transformed their own health, impacted their communities, improved school food, created nutrition education programs, worked with large corporations, and much more. Together, we have declared our independence from conventional norms and rewarded individual creative freedom. We have also built a powerful professional network that can not only bridge the gap between doctors and patients, but more strongly support new graduates in finding career fulfillment in this growing field of preventative healthcare.

But independence takes more than just an environment that can support your growth. It requires the confidence to take risks and explore the unknown beyond your comfort zone. It means taking the future into your own hands and deciding whether your lasting happiness, and the ideals you believe in, are worth a temporary investment in energy. 

So whether you are already a Health Coach, or still thinking about your options for the future, take a moment to reflect on your next pursuit. Ask yourself “what action can I take to live up to my full potential if I had complete freedom with no limitations?”

On this day of independence, who’s stopping you?


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