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Published: June 8, 2024

Should I Be Drinking Celery Juice?

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Many of you have probably discovered the “phenomenon” of drinking celery juice. It’s been featured on various wellness blogs and across Instagram stories (thanks in part to IIN grad Melissa Wood Tepperberg). While celery juice is one of the latest trends gaining attention, it’s important to remember that not everyone will see or feel the same health benefits after drinking it.

At Integrative Nutrition, we believe in bio-individuality – one person’s food is another person’s poison. While some might immediately respond well to adding a glass of celery juice to their morning routine, others might experience change more slowly. It’s always good to try new things, but don’t be disappointed if you aren’t immediately satisfied with the results.

However, because celery juice contains many beneficial nutrients and vitamins, we want to break down the benefits. For starters, the best time to drink celery juice is immediately upon waking up, on an empty stomach. You’ll gain the maximum benefits by doing this, and you might begin seeing positive results in as little as seven days after starting your celery juice routine!

1. Healing your gut
Celery contains various nutrients in its fibers that are released when the vegetable is juiced. It acts as a natural diuretic and promotes optimal functioning of the digestive track (which is also why it’s best to drink it as soon as you wake up!). Your gut is connected to so many different parts of your health, so something as simple and cheap as juicing celery is a great way to support digestive health!

2. Strengthening your bones
While some might associate milk with high levels of calcium (“Got Milk?”), celery is another great source to get your daily intake of calcium and vitamin K, which both help strengthen your bones. Plus, celery can help regenerate damaged bones and protect against osteoporosis.

3. Great for detoxing
Because celery is a natural diuretic, it helps flush out toxins. Drinking celery juice on its own simplifies digestion and elimination, helping the body cleanse and making you feel restored and less bloated.

4. Improving sleep patterns
Magnesium, found in celery, plays an important role in good sleep patterns! By drinking a glass a day, you might find that you’re getting more stress-free, relaxed sleep at night.

5. Purifying the bloodstream
Suffering from rheumatism, high blood pressure, arthritis, or anemia? Celery provides vitamins A and C, iron, and magnesium – this combination helps nourish and rebuild red blood cells and aids those suffering from some of these common health concerns.

6. Hydrating your skin
Celery is 95% water, so enjoying a glass every morning helps fulfill your daily water requirement. The more hydrated you are, the better your skin will look and feel! Plus, with all the vitamins, celery helps support collagen production and nourish your skin.

7. Aiding in weight loss
Celery juice is low in calories (about 40 calories per glass) and may help curb your appetite. By consuming celery juice regularly, you’re keeping both your digestive track and appetite in check, which can help support a healthy weight.

Want to try it yourself? Here’s an easy recipe to follow!

The Quickest, Easiest Way to Juice Celery

  • 2–3 celery stalks (Tip: Celery is on the Dirty Dozen™ list, so we recommend purchasing organic if you can!)
  • Splash of filtered water


  • High-spend blender
  • Nut milk bag or strainer
  • Bowl


  1. One cup of celery (2–3 stalks) will usually make one glass of juice, so cut up enough celery for the amount of juice you want to make.
  2. Blend on high until the mixture is entirely combined.
  3. Pour mixture into a nut milk bag or strainer over a bowl to collect the pulp. If you don’t want to throw the pulp away, you can save it to add to a smoothie or soup!
  4. Enjoy!

If you’ve tried celery juice before, comment below to let us know what you think!

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