March 29, 2019
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April 1, 2019

Health Coach Feature: How Loli Alliati’s New View on Food Changed Her Life

Loli Alliati is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, the creator of La Vitalita, and an influencer in health and entrepreneurship. Her mission is to inspire all women to nourish their body with foods that give them vitality so they enjoy every day and can do everything they love. Loli was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she currently lives. She loves to run, travel, dance, and do crafts.

Tell us the story behind your brand and why you decided to create La Vitalita.
I decided to open an Instagram account about the same time I signed up at IIN. I was changing my diet and wanted to share what I was experimenting with – the new ingredients, flavors, and recipes I was discovering. So I made a list of words that represented what I was going to share, and vitality was one that resonated. So I go and opened Google translator to find options for that word till I found vitalita in Italian. I loved it, so that’s how La Vitalita was born!

What was your view on the food industry prior to enrolling in the HCTP?
In 2014, I was working on a dairy international company that claimed, “we sell healthy food...” which I totally believed and was proud of. Until I opened my eyes and started to realize what I was really eating and decided to remove all processed foods with additives and artificial ingredients. I didn’t even know what they were! I started my own journey of healing myself and eating whole and real food. I attended natural food cooking classes and began to read all about food, health, and wellness. One day, I realized I was obsessed with all this stuff; I was so passionate that I talked to everyone about all the things I was learning. So just a few months later, I decided to enter IIN to gain a deep understanding of health and wellness and be able to help others as I managed to help myself.

What was the motivation behind becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach?
I really wanted to know in depth what I was already learning through blogs, social media, and documentaries. I was following a lot of Health Coaches on social media, learning from them, and visualized myself being on the other side. I wanted to be the one who teaches and helps others.

What kinds of ingredients do you choose for your recipes?
I love cooking and enjoy that time with myself when I create new recipes to share on social media. I am passionate about inspiring women to live a healthy and happy life. That’s why I want to show them that cooking can be easy, quick, and simple. I use only natural whole foods. All my recipes are gluten-, dairy-, and refined sugar–free.

How has your life changed since taking the Health Coach Training Program and becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach?
I made a 180-degree turn in my life! I was working in a dairy international company 9am to 6pm, and now I work at home or in a café with my computer, blender, and camera. But most importantly, I love what I do. I love creating my marketing materials as well as planning my programs, filming, and preparing cooking classes.

My life is so different now. I don’t have to take the bus in rush hour, and I work out in the morning without having to run to the office counting the minutes.

Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit? Did you always know you wanted to start your own business?
Yes. Since I was in college, I knew I was going to have my own business one day. But I thought that would happen in my 40s after having corporate experience, not in my 20s. But I am so glad I did it – it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, so far! Because it literally changed my life, my days, health,everything!

As a Health Coach, what kinds of programs do you offer and how do you market them publicly?
I have the following two programs:

-Sugar Detox: a 6-week online program

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-Habits That Make You Feel Good: a 3-week online program that was recently released to incorporate healthy food, exercise, and self-care time into your routine. It’s a holistic and complete program.

I market them through social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest).

How do you cater your health coaching programs to your clientele?
The programs are online, and there are specific starting dates throughout the year that they can sign up for. I start a WhatsApp group with all participants for each program and send all videos, PDFs, and information by email every Friday. This way, I allow them to view the content during the weekend and prepare everything for the following week.

Can you tell us an experience you’ve had with a client who is memorable to you?
I was working with a teenage client. She was eating really healthy but still noticed she was feeling anxious and not sleeping well. During our sessions, we talked about something in her life that was stressing her out, but she was scared to do something about it. We talked about the feelings she would have after talking with X person, and she took courage to do it. In the next session, her whole life had changed; she was feeling peaceful and grateful. She couldn’t believe how everything in her life settled once she faced her fear, which was way easier than she thought.

What areas do you focus on throughout your health coaching programs?
Throughout my programs, I love to teach and inspire women to incorporate and maintain healthy habits. My focus is food, exercise, and self-love. I call them the three pillars of wellness.

 I focus on diet, exercise, and spirituality.

Tell us more about what your most successful program has been and why you believe it had such success.
The most successful program is my Sugar Detox Program. It’s an online program where, during six weeks, I guide the participants to slowly remove sugar and artificial flavors from their diet. I also provide a lot of tools to handle anxiety and read labels to find hidden sugar, and I provide sugar-free recipes and my support in a WhatsApp group. After the program, most participants say their skin is brighter, they can drink coffee or tea without sweeteners at all, they don´t crave sweets anymore, and they also cook more.

I think it is a very successful program because although they reset their tastes, they also realize they are eating much more sugar than they thought they were. So not only do they experience all the benefits of a low-sugar diet during the program, but they reduce the consumption of processed foods. I believe the most important thing about this program is that participants become conscious consumers.

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