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Published: June 8, 2024

Go Green on Earth Day with Plants

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On Monday, we’re celebrating Earth Day, a worldwide movement dedicated to solving climate change, ending pollution, and protecting endangered species.

Cities around the world go green for the day with park and beach cleanups, fund-raisers, and discounts at eco-friendly stores. If you’re looking to give Mother Nature a little extra love on April 22, we encourage you to do so by adding plants to your home. It’s simple and affordable, and the benefits go far behind just adding some green to your personal space.

Plants enhance your quality of life, which makes for a happier and healthier home. Just keep in mind that some plants do better inside than others – you need to match the right plant to the right growing conditions. Some of the best indoor options include succulents, spider plants, English ivy, peace lilies, and golden pothos.

Here are a few ways indoor houseplants improve our bodies and minds:

Improved air quality
Plants are a natural air purifier, which helps reduce common pollutants, including mold and carbon monoxide. This is especially beneficial during winter months when the air inside your home is stagnant and leaves you feeling dry and stuffy. By adding plants, you’re more likely to breathe in fresher air, which is beneficial to both your immune system and mental health.

Mood boosting
Besides sprucing up your home, plants give off a sense of calmness and positive energy. Moreover, a 2003 study at Texas A&M University found that being around flowers and plants can increase productivity and creativity. We recommend adding plants to some of the rooms you use most often – like your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. By creating a calm environment in your bedroom, you might fall asleep easier and wake up a bit brighter!

Increased oxygen
Through the process of photosynthesis, plants release oxygen that humans need to breathe. They help make the atmosphere livable, which means you can take these benefits a step further by adding plants to your personal space. Plus, plants are one of the most affordable, natural ways to increase air quality. Instead of purchasing items like humidifiers and air purifiers, consider adding plants first to foster a healthy home environment!

Adding plants inside and outside your home

For anyone hoping to celebrate Earth Day by actually connecting with the earth, gardening is a great way to give back to Mother Nature and feel a sense of achievement. It’s also a healthy activity that requires you to move while enabling you to enjoy the fresh air. Plus, we love that it’s a chance to express yourself and show off your personality. What’s more fulfilling than coming home after a long day to a colorful garden that you put together all on your own?


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