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Published: June 8, 2024

Meet Our October 2018 Leadership in Health Coaching Award Recipients

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Congratulations to our Leadership in Health Coaching Award recipients for the HCTP October 2018 Accelerated class! Integrative Nutrition believes in, supports, and celebrates all our incredible graduates for spreading the ripple effect of health and happiness in the world. The Leadership in Health Coaching Award was created to recognize the amazing accomplishments of our graduates, specifically those doing outstanding work that aligns with Integrative Nutrition’s core mission. Learn more about the winners below!

Donna Palumbo
Lexington, Kentucky

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
Prior to enrolling at IIN, I had been a frequent traveler in the health and wellness arena many years! Early on, I discovered that I felt so much better by preparing my own food and avoiding dairy and MSG! This act of self-care has kept me going through many of life’s challenges in health and everyday life! For many years, I have been spreading the word about the importance of cleaning up or clearing out dairy and avoiding environmental toxins.

How did your life change after enrolling?
My time at IIN has been such an amazing journey! So many wonderful speakers and lessons! Hearing Dr. Bernie Siegel speak changed my life in such a positive way! Having lost a parent to cancer right before my fifth birthday, Dr. Siegel’s “hang up a picture and ‘love that kid’” message has been life-changing! Also, being connected with like-minded students gave me the positive momentum I needed and kept me moving forward each week. My training has helped me reconnect with my inner confidence and reinforce that I have many gifts and messages in health and wellness to share to include the dangers of environmental toxins. A subject that has been near and dear to my heart for many years!! Thank you, IIN!!

Elena Moznaim
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
I currently work in the IT area – I am a systems analyst but also have background in education and training as a medical nurse. All my life I’ve been passionate about a healthy lifestyle for myself, my family, and some open-minded friends who did not get annoyed with me too much. :)

How did your life change after enrolling?
Having a background in education, I could truly appreciate the level of education, selection of material, course structure, presentation style, selection of visiting teachers, and state-of-the-art digital technology! I discovered a family of people who share my thirst for knowledge, never-ending self-development, and overpowering desire to help people! I could not wait till Monday to start on new modules! Holidays were the worst – no new modules!!! I consider Joshua my personal mentor; even now after graduation I keep going back to his lectures. IIN is an amazing school. I see it as a school for body and soul!

Stephanie D. McKenzie, MBA, MA, CPC, CSSC
Houston, Texas

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
I was leading my initial coaching practice, which focuses on life and relationships, as well as team and business coaching. In the last few years, I kept noticing a distinct correlation between the quality of a relationship and the quality of the health of the individuals in the relationship.

And as I was working on my own healing journey, I was also inspired to seek out a way to learn more about healing, health, and wholeness and bridge the gap between my current practice and my voracious passion for healing.

How did your life change after enrolling?
After enrolling, I really began to have the insight to stand firmly in the information that I had been imparting to individuals. Out of that confidence, The Healing Firm (The Relationship Firm’s sister company) was launched. And because I wanted to be an even greater resource to myself and my clients, I actually decided to complete additional certifications during my time at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in sleep science, meditation, and mindfulness, to name a few.

I also decided that I wanted to craft a powerful narrative of my own to encourage clients, and to date, I have lost 50 pounds, with a birthday gift of 43 pounds lost for my 44th birthday in February. (So please forgive the “fluffier” headshot. Smile!)

It was really encouraging to me to be aligned with an educational process that was so congruent with my own practical and even esoteric viewpoints on creating your own path to wholeness. Additionally, receiving the validation that there is no one “diet” (especially because diets don’t work), eating plan, or lifestyle regimen that works for every individual greatly helps me communicate with others desiring any level of change in their current eating or lifestyle rituals.

Currently, I am developing educational courses and products that will further assist individuals in crafting their own path to healing, health, and wholeness using our proprietary Sozology© methodology as the foundation. Sozology© speaks to six dimensions of wholeness, including spiritual and relational wholeness as tenets for lasting lifestyle transformation. I am also posting daily encouragement and facilitating masterclasses in my Facebook group, “Whole Is The Goal.” While I do coach individuals one-on-one beginning with a three-day change intensive, I see a greater opportunity in empowering others with both the information and inspiration to make better choices for their lives. In all things, “whole is the goal.”™

Sarah Berkane
Montreal, Canada

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
I was a production manager in the cosmetics industry. I was a workaholic, severely stressed, and often got sick (digestive issues, ENT infections, insomnia, back pain). I used to take care of people, but I had no time for me. I ended up having burnout. I decided to change my life and listen to my body and my heart. I wanted to do something useful for the world and to feel completely aligned with my values. Nutrition and personal development have always fascinated me, and the IIN program seemed perfect for my new path!

How did your life change after enrolling?
I do not have digestive issues, I’m rarely sick, and my sleep is good. I practice yoga, meditation, and walking in nature. I have a new career, and I feel more connected to myself. I feel happy because I have already helped two clients make progress in their lives. This is my best reward!

Wanda Malhotra
Knoxville, Tennessee

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
Prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition, I spent over 20 years in the natural cosmetic industry, creating vegan and organic skincare and hair care products, developing corporate health and wellness events, and hands-on cooking classes emphasizing plant-based meals.

How did your life change after enrolling?
After having three children, I decided to deepen my knowledge in nutrition and holistic health. I have always been on a health journey, and I knew that by learning more I could continue to make a difference in the lives of both my family and clients. IIN exceeded my expectations; it was a life-changing experience!

Tim McCoy
Des Moines, Iowa

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
Finishing up a 20-year organizational development career.

How did your life change after enrolling?
It immediately gave me focus. The more I studied, the more I knew I had made the right decision. I started IIN in October. In January 2019, I stepped into the full-time position at Healthy for Life. Business has been growing ever since.

Tamara Zawistowski
Santa Fe, New Mexico

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
I’ve been managing restaurants for the better part of the last eighteen years. I dabbled in HR, sales, and marketing and was a preschool teacher for nine years right out of college. About five years ago, I engaged myself fully in community work, volunteering, being an advocate for the homeless teens/young adults in our community and those dealing with addictions, toxic relationships, and eating disorders. I struggled with anorexia and bulimia myself for over twenty years. Guiding, supporting, and helping others to the place I feel so fortunate to be in today, living and loving without those anxieties/chains wrapped around me is my drive, purpose, and passion. For the most part, that is what drew me to IIN back in 2005. I’ve been fascinated with the program since and finally gave myself the greatest gift of enrolling in the program last October. 

How did your life change after enrolling?
I was given a new perspective on what health and happiness really mean – how to live a healthy life. My favorite is the importance of primary food! Being introduced to such incredible human beings with such insight into each topic was very inspiring and motivating, and real. I’ve learned the importance and value in listening to our “body’s whispers, before they become screams.” I’ve grown in to being able to use my voice effectively, not reactively, or in a self-sabotaging way. IIN has been an awakening for me on many levels, personally and professionally. A rebirth so to speak. Many aha moments; I find the journey to be challenging yet revitalizing. I’ve named my business Dance Within Your Heart, and that’s really what IIN has done for me, or rather what I have done for myself with the gift of going through the IIN program. I learned how to smile from within; have the courage to breathe, especially in difficult situations; and know that suffering is optional. I learned that “fear is a compass showing you where to go, and everything you want is on the other side of fear.” The way the program is designed is brilliant. It’s been an honor to be a part of it, and I will forever be grateful as my present and future continue to unfold.

Ingrid Armstrong
Richmond Marine Bay, California

What were you doing prior to enrolling at Integrative Nutrition?
Working as a nurse/doctor of hearing and balance in a dual medical practice and ambulatory surgery center.

How did your life change after enrolling?
I have become a better listener for both my family and patients. I encompass the Circle of Life when speaking with persons, which is a broader perspective than just the topic at hand.

I was in search of a program that would help me better communicate with my patients. Many were obese, leading sedentary lives, and food choices harmed their bodies. My healthcare provider lecturing went nowhere.

I am so pleased to have enrolled in IIN. I now encompass many aspects of their lives and am a supporter rather than a lecturer. Every class and every lecture added to the mix. I am grateful to Joshua for his insight. Both my home life and work life are richer and even my husband’s. We are more happy, focused on thankfulness, and feel blessed rather than not. No more complaining. Best thing I ever did. Thank you all for your supportive services.

Gene Pomerants
Brooklyn, New York

Casey Nelson
Wilmington, North Carolina


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