January 30, 2015
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

25 More 'Dream Books' from IIN's Proven Wellness Author Program

We’re continuing our celebration of Integrative Nutrition’s new Launch Your Dream Book Course! This exciting advanced learning opportunity empowered over 200 graduates to publish their first books. Last week we shared all the children’s and family books.

This week we’re excited to feature all the books related to nutrition and healthy eating. If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book about health and wellness, we hope they inspire you to pursue your passion! Check them out below.

Nutrition for the Soul: Discover the Healing Power of Food and Writing

Nancy Petrucka, Class of 2012

Cracking Your Body's Code: Keys to Transforming Symptoms into Messages That Heal

Mauree Kai, Class of 2010

The Small Change Solution: A 52 Step Guide to Getting The Naturally Healthy Lifestyle You Want

Kimberly Petrosino, Class of 2014

Beyond Food: The 5 Keys to Kickstart Your Health

Marie Mosher, Class of 2009

The Secret Ingredient: 7 Steps to Create Health that Lasts for Life

Marie Mosher, Class of 2009

100 Ways to Lose Weight: Proven Methods from Worldwide Experts

Leann Forst, Class of 2013

The Live Lean Health Plan: Simple Tips to Optimal Health

Chantal Di Donato, Class of 2014

Clean Start: Simple Non-Toxic Choices to Protect Your Family

Nancy Spiccia, Class of 2012

A Good Plan: Ten Simple Steps to Make Healthy Choices a Habit

Mair Hill, Class of 2013

The 4 Dimensions of Health: Discover Your True Healing

Blanca Lopez, Class of 2013

Feeding Success: A Nutrition Blueprint for Busy Professionals and Business Travelers

Emmanuelle Galland, Class of 2011

101+ Secrets from Nutrition School

Lynne Dorner, Class of 2012

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Transition Nutrition: The Easy, Sustainable Way to Change Your Diet AND the Reasons Why You Should Change Now

Becky Long, Class of 2011

The Cookin’ Yogi’s More Energy, Less Waist: Eating Your Way to Better Health

Sherri Mraz, Class of 2007

Satisfying Salads: Healthy Helpings for the Soul

Andrea F. Begent, Class of 2012

The Food Book: Make Your Own Healthy Homemade Food

Beth Willson, Class of 2012

Navigating the Food Jungle: Is Your Diet Making You Sick?

Joyce Wallace, Class of 2012

Eat Happy: Transform Your Health with Foods You Love

Alissa Glenn, Class of 2009

Raw Rookie Roadmap

Sarah Blackwell, Class of 2013

30 Days to Better Health: Eat with Love

Melissa Mikhaeil, Clas of 2014

The Forgiving Fork: From Whole Foods to Soul Food

Sandy Cowell, Class of 2011

Mindful Eating: Thirty Days to a Whole New You

Karen Mayo, Class of 2012

Overcoming Takeout

Joann Pandolfi, Class of 2012

Winning the Losing Battle: A True Story of Weight Loss and Transformation

Erica L. Bartlett, Class of 2011

Nutrition Facts for Kids: Teaching Children the Facts about Nutrition

Maryse Rouffaer, Class of 2011

Stay tuned for more books to come! If you’re an Integrative Nutrition graduate and ever wanted to write a book, sign up for our next Launch Your Dream Book Course. It starts in May! 

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