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Published: June 8, 2024

Celebrating Launch Your Dream Book: Disease Management Books

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We’re continuing our celebration of Integrative Nutrition’s new Launch Your Dream Book Course, which empowered over 200 graduates to publish their first books. Last time we shared all the nutrition and healthy eating books that were published from course participants.

This week we’re excited to feature all the books related to Disease Care and Management. If you’re struggling with your own health issue, or you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book about overcoming or thriving despite a diagnosis, we hope they inspire you to pursue your passion! Check them out below.

The Hidden Connection

Kathleen DiChiara, Class of 2011

Redesigning Your Health - A Road Map to Self-Directed Healing

Laura Brown, Class of 2007

Clear You: Acne Healing Solution

Stephen Rodriguez, Class of 2012

Simply Sugar Free: 6 Simple Steps to Conquer Sugar Addiction

Sue Brown, Class of 2010

Gut Guide 101: Three Weeks to Better Digestion and Increased Energy

Mari J. Hahn, Class of 2014

Defining the New Normal: A Guide to Becoming More Than Your Diagnosis

Colleen Brunetti, Class of 2012

Autism Diagnosis! What Now?

Winnifred Walcott, Class of 2011

Prevent This: A Simple Guide to Beat Disease

Cindy Fuchser, Class of 2011

Find the Root Cause of YOUR Anxiety

Michele Pence, Class of 2013

Lord I'm Not Done Yet: A Believer's Guide to Accepting, Living, and Dying With Cancer

Phyllis Lomax Singh, Class of 2013

The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

Angie Alt, Class of 2013

Kick Pain in the Kitchen: Holistic Pain Relief You Can Eat

Barbara Searles, Class of 2009

Healthy Foods = Healthy Moods

Jessica Kliskey, Class of 2013

Is It Mold? A Holistic Approach to Managing a Commonly Overlooked Condition

Karen Wright, Class of 2010

Almost Autism: Recovering Children from Sensory Processing Disorder, A Reference for Parents and Practitioners

Maria Rickert Hong, Class of 2011

The 180 Degree Wellness REvolution - Simple Steps To Prevent and Reverse Illness

Tara Gesling, Class of 2011

Stay tuned for more books to come! We are so proud of all of these authors for getting their stories out there. If you’re an Integrative Nutrition graduate and ever wanted to write a book, sign up for our next Launch Your Dream Book Course. It starts this coming May! 


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