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Published: June 8, 2024

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: Miracles Now Book

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Bestselling author and speaker in Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Traning Program, Gabrielle Bernsterin, has just published her fourth book, titled Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow and Finding Your True Purpose.

The book features a collection (108 to be exact!) of short, actionable, and inspiring techniques to help readers move through challenging situations with ease.

With her signature focus on miracles and the power of love, Gabrielle’s tips and exercises range from how to neutralize the effects of negative people and asking for help to how to let go of fear and tap into our potential for happiness. The book also includes breathing techniques for relaxation, meditation exercises, and other practices to invite peacefullness into daily life.

Whether or not you experience stress often, there’s always room for a little more inspiration, and this book will leave you feeling energized and ready to step into positive new possibilities for a healthy, happy life.

We got a chance to check in with Gabrielle, and here’s what she had to say:

How do the principles and exercises in Miracles Now apply to Health Coaches or other wellness professionals whose work is to support and inspire others?

Miracles Now is designed to be a guidebook for the reader and a teacher’s manual.  As the reader begins to create miraculous shifts in their own life they are guided to teach others to do the same. Therefore this book is perfect for Health Coaches and wellness professionals. The book has 108 do-them-now exercises for reducing stress, creating more flow, and finding your true purpose. Health Coaches can use these tools throughout their coaching practice to help their clients release anxiety and become more centered.

What role do you believe spirituality plays in overall health and wellness?

I believe that our physical condition is a direct reflection of our spiritual condition. Having a dedicated spiritual practice will greatly support your overall wellbeing. When you’re blocked spiritually, your physical body becomes blocked. Through meditation, prayer, and spiritual practices you can release the stagnant energy within your body so that you can be healthier and happier.  

What is the value of having role models or inspiring teachers in our lives?

I dedicated this book to two of my teachers, Marianne Williamson and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. Both of these women have had a profound impact on my life. I believe that having strong role models helps us hold visions of who we want to be and the type of path we want to follow. I am blessed to have had many great guides in my personal life and in my career. These people have helped me through difficult times and have helped me achieve great successes. I believe that anyone committed to serving the world must have a powerful team of mentors and guides to support them in that mission.

If someone isn’t sure about what their life purpose is, how do you recommend they find out?

There’s a lesson in Miracles Now called You don’t need to find your purpose. Your purpose will find you.

Here’s an excerpt:

I often hear people complain that they don’t know what their purpose is. They feel confused, disconnected, and ungrounded. Sound familiar? It can be frustrating to wake up every day feeling purposeless. In many cases I see people pushing and controlling their actions to show themselves and the world that they are worthy, powerful, and helpful. The ego makes us think that our purpose is outside of ourselves, hidden behind a credential, a job title, or an altruistic mission. The outside search for purpose can lead to a lot of inner turmoil. When we seek external signifiers of purpose, we often end up feeling hollow or disappointed.

I’ve come to understand that you don’t actually go out and find your purpose. Instead, your purpose is meant to find you. When we follow a spiritual path and peel back the layers of ego we’ve built against our inner truth, we begin to find what we’ve been looking for. We discover what is truthful and real to us. In that space of truth we begin to receive guidance. Some people are guided to serve the world through their careers. Some people are guided to bring children into the world. Others are guided to radical acts of forgiveness.

It doesn’t matter which action you’re guided to; all that matters is that in some way your intention is to bring more love to the world. When you lead from a place of love, then you’re living in your purpose. The next time you get hung up on the idea that you need to “find your purpose,” simply remind yourself that you don’t need to find anything. Stay on your spiritual path and trust that your purpose is finding you. Trust that spiritual growth and inner awareness are all you need to be given. The Good Orderly Direction is moving toward the loving purpose of your life. Be patient and committed to living in love and leading from truth.

You can learn more about Gabrielle and Miracles Now here.

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