December 6, 2019
Last Updated:
February 18, 2021

How IIN Graduates Create Community and Inclusivity in Wellness

Creating community is a pillar of health coaching.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program brings like-minded people together from all corners of the world to learn how to transform their health, and the health of others, from the inside out. This community we’ve created is what makes IIN so unique – no matter where you’re from or what your background is, there’s a common thread that unites us: We all deserve to achieve ultimate health, and we already have the power within us to make ultimate health a reality.

Health Coaches release that power in their clients to help them realize their fullest potential. Using their IIN education, they’re equipped with the tools they need to ignite change and provide clients with support and guidance. Through coaching, Health Coaches show their clients they aren’t alone in their health struggles and don’t have to go about transforming their lives alone, either.

How two IIN graduates are creating community through their health coaching practice and continuing the conversation about men’s health.

In a podcast interview hosted by IIN graduate Hailey Miller, Class of 2013, Michael DeSanti, Class of 2011, and Pablo Garcia, Class of 2010, discuss how their journey to wellness began and eventually led to the creation of their practice, The Vital Guide, a retreat-based coaching business that gives men the tools they need to create a life of passion and vitality.

In this engaging conversation, Hailey, Michael, and Pablo talk about the differences men and women experience in the same wellness world and why it’s so important to create safe spaces for men to express themselves and be able to create wellness experiences of their own to achieve their health goals.

Check out the interview on iTunes, Spotify, or Hailey’s website.

How IIN’s Health Coach Training Program will help you build a business so you, too, can continue to build community.

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If you’re looking to switch careers or want to add value to your existing career in the health and wellness field, our program will give you what you need to succeed.

At its core, our business and coaching curriculum is all about teaching you how to be a coach without spending all your time and energy on the little details. Basically, you learn how to be the best coach you can be, sparking transformation in your clients, and we’ll take care of the rest, including client forms and handouts, rates, your own website and business cards, and more!

While you get out there and find clients – in the grocery store, in your local gym, at a parent-teacher conference – you can rest assured that you’ll have all the materials you need to execute your necessary business functions. How amazing is that?!

Health coaching is an incredible career to embark upon, not only because you can earn a great living – we’ve busted some myths you may have heard – but also because it opens your world to new people and new opportunities. As a Health Coach, you may focus on coaching those who have experienced similar health issues and will benefit from your coaching perspective. You may also have the opportunity to speak to other health professionals about the benefits of health coaching or even incorporate coaching into your office environment!

Whatever new experiences come about as a result of your health coaching business, you’re spreading the idea of community – that no one should have to go about their health journey alone and it’s better when you have at least one other person cheering you on to greater health.

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