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Published: June 8, 2024

Achieve 'Expert' Status in Your Field with This Overlooked Tool

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One of the things that people don't realize about Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program is that it prepares you to do so many more things besides become a Health Coach.

Upon graduating from Integrative Nutrition, I realized that being a practicing Health Coach wasn’t what I wanted. It wasn’t that I’d lost my passion for health and nutrition, it was just that I wasn’t channeling that passion in the right way for me. My instincts were telling me that I needed to write a book and speak internationally.  

However, I had absolutely NO idea how I was going to do that. In fact, it seemed impossible. I knew tons about health and nutrition, but little to nothing about the book publishing and speaking industry.

So I immersed myself in learning everything I needed to know about self-publishing, editors, designers, book launches, motivational speaking, and media. I spent two full years giving myself a complete education in the industry while also trying to run my business and write a book. 

After a long road and much self-education, I launched my first book in 2012. 

I went from barely surviving to thriving. I went from just another health nut to an “expert” in the food and mood arena. And the best part of all was that I was able to impact more lives than I could do have done through my business alone. 

Writing a book truly changed the game for me. 

And it can change the game for you, too! Maybe you already have a burning desire to write about a certain topic, or maybe you have a book idea buried deep inside you that you haven’t yet uncovered. Either way, if you have a passion—and of course you do—then you can write a book. Here are three reasons why writing a book is a powerful way to enhance your career and boost your happiness: 

1. You become an expert almost overnight! Writing a book gives you credibility on what you are talking about and positions you as an expert in your field. The research and complete immersion in one topic that writing a book requires will make you a true authority, and having your name on the cover of a book tells everyone else that you really know your stuff. This will open the doors to higher paid clients and speaking gigs, as well as media opportunities.

2. You will help more people than you ever imagined. Someone across the world can read your book and make a life change based on it; you could help someone who couldn’t afford your private coaching sessions; and your words can have an immeasurable impact on countless other people who you may never meet. It’s truly amazing to  see your mission and vision touch so many people in so many places.

3. If you can write a book, you can do anything. You learn a lot about yourself and your business when you write a book. Tackling a challenge that once seemed insurmountable teaches you a great deal about what you’re capable of, as well as the nitty gritty of how the business world works. Once you’re done, you feel fearless—and that truly allows you to do anything!

If you are an Integrative Nutrition grad and interested in writing a book, join me and Joshua Rosenthal for our new Launch Your Dream Book Course. The course begins on November 17th, so be sure to enroll soon to secure your spot! 

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