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Published: June 8, 2024

3 Reasons to Go on a Wellness Retreat This Year

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Most of us are familiar with the idea of a vacation as a time to get away from the usual grind, to have fun and go on an adventure, or to simply relax in a beautiful place. While this often results in having a great time, it can also be exhausting if you’re traveling with others and spend most of your time trying to take in the sights and “do” as much as you can.

A retreat is totally different.

For starters, most people go on a retreat alone. You can certainly go as a couple, or with a friend, but the point is for the experience to be more of an inward exploration.

To retreat is to withdraw to a place of refuge. It is restorative and nourishing on a deeper level and often focuses on some form of wellness.

It’s designed to evoke a sense of inner peace while surrounding you with natural scenery, fellow peace-lovers, and some type of inspiration. Some retreats have a general focus on health, while others may focus on yoga or other forms of movement, meditation, or creativity. And still others could be exclusive to one gender, to members of a certain profession, or basically cater to any interest you can imagine.

It’s like a peaceful solo vacation where you’re surrounded by people who share your passion, doing things that are aligned with holistic wellness, and learning from quality teachers.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Whether you’ve gone on a retreat before or not, here are 3 reasons to plan your next one right now!

1. You’ll reconnect with your true self.
How often do you really have the space to check in with yourself about how you’re feeling, who you are, and where you’re going in life? Even if you have a regular practice, a retreat that lasts a few days coupled with inspiring wisdom and new friends will take this process to a whole new level of awareness.

 2. The positive energy will have a lasting effect.
Since retreats aren’t really about “doing” that much, or are expertly balanced with quiet restoration, you’ll return truly energized like never before. You’ll be able to bring that positivity to every aspect of your life and be a beacon of joy and love to all those around you, something that could last for weeks or even months and create a ripple effect with surprising benefits.

3. You’ll feel happier and healthier.
Retreats are all about surrounding yourself with wellness, so whether you’re just starting out on your journey towards better health or you’re already a Health Coach or wellness professional, a retreat will allow you to be immersed in healing and deepen that relationship. You’ll likely walk away with a greater sense of grounding and a clear path of how to maintain that sense of wellness on an ongoing basis.

So how do you find the right retreat for you? Start be researching retreat centers in your local or surrounding area and determine what programs they have to offer. You can also use an online database like this, or this.

What would be your ideal retreat this year? Share in the comments so we can all start planning! 


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