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Published: June 8, 2024

5 Healthy Ways to Enjoy this Autumn Season

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It’s the first official day of autumn! We’re so happy to usher in a season of cooler temperatures, delicious seasonal produce, and exciting new opportunities. As we move away from the indulgence of vacations and long weekends, fall gives us the chance to embrace some healthy habits that are unique to the season.  

Here are five ways to enjoy all of the healthy choices that this time of year has to offer: 

Shop at the farmers market. Eating locally sourced food is a great choice all year-round, but there are few things as delicious as the autumn harvest. Whether it’s apples, pumpkin, or mushrooms, fall produce is bursting with flavor and nutrition. Plus, shopping at the farmer’s market is better for the environment and your local economy, too. Stop by and see what they have to offer! 

Make some soup. Cooler temperatures mean that soup finally sounds appetizing again, and we are looking forward to making a big pot of soup bursting with fresh vegetables and spices. Lentil kale and butternut squash both sound like coziness in a bowl right now – and as a bonus, these soups are packed with nutrients that will do your body good. 

Refocus on your goals. Fall gives you an opportunity to buckle down and refocus on everything you want to achieve. It’s a great time to reevaluate your intentions, your progress, and what you need to reach your goals. For some extra inspiration, check out our latest productivity guide – The One Simple Tool You Need to Get Stuff Done

Go to bed earlier. As the days get shorter, try following nature’s rhythms by going to bed earlier and waking up with the sun (if you’re able!) The extra hours of sleep will do wonders for your immune system, your energy levels, your ability to concentrate, and even your metabolism. 

Enjoy the great outdoors. The crisp autumn air and changing foliage all provide ample opportunity to go outside and connect with nature. Start going for regular walks, hikes, or runs to reset your fitness routine and get some fresh air all at once. Enjoy the beauty of fall before winter sets in! 

What are your favorite healthy ways to enjoy fall? Do you have a favorite fall recipe? We’d love to hear – let us know in the comments below!


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