December 18, 2023
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March 6, 2024

Amplify Your Wellness This Winter with Nature’s Sunshine

IIN’s partner Nature's Sunshine are the pioneers of encapsulated herbs, and for the last 50+ years they have been working to create the world’s most effective natural health supplements using industry-leading science and innovation.

The holidays are here! While this time is meant to be filled with joy and excitement, feelings of stress and worry often creep in. Cold and flu season are upon us, and the holiday hustle is in full swing as we scramble to buy and wrap any last-minute gifts.

Thanks to our friends at Nature’s Sunshine, we’re sharing a few of our favorite herbal remedies that will help boost your immunity, combat daily stressors, and leave you feeling more energized. While Nature’s Sunshine offers more than 150 plant-based supplements, we’ve narrowed down the list to make your shopping a little easier!

The best part? As part of the IIN community, you can sign up to become an NSP Professional today and get 50% off any order you place – forever! Apply for free today* and give the gift of wellness to yourself.
Here are our top picks for a happy, healthy, stress-free holiday season:  

Elderberry D3fense: Elderberry has a rich, centuries-old history of providing powerful immune support. During the Middle Ages, elderberry was revered as the “Holy Tree” for its incredible comprehensive health-supporting properties. Europeans turned to elderberry syrup as a holistic approach to bolster the immune system. The berries were also commonly used to create fortifying wines, jams, and teas that supported overall well-being. The cloudy, sun-deprived winter months can especially tax our immune systems as we get less beneficial vitamin D from sunlight. Nature’s Sunshine Elderberry D3fense is expertly formulated with the ideal ingredients to provide broad immune support. It combines the time-honored benefits of antioxidant-rich elderberry with high-quality, immuno-boosting vitamin D3. 

It’s also filled with:

  • Echinacea, a potent purple coneflower that contains specific antioxidants to safely enhance immune health.  
  • Olive leaf extract, featuring antioxidant oleuropein that provides additional immune system support.  
  • Royal jelly, a vitamin and nutrient-rich substance from honeybees that supplies amino acids, B-vitamins, vitamin C, and more. 

Stress-J: Uniquely formulated with a mix of botanicals, Stress-J liquid can be used to combat the many stresses in life. Add a few drops to your morning water or coffee and this synergistic blend will help ease tension and stress in no time! These potent plant drops consist of:  

  • Passionflower, which calmed ancient Aztecs and 16th-century European explorers.  
  • Feverfew, whose stress-relieving reputation spans from the sunny Balkans to today’s herbal medicine.  
  • Hops, which has supported feelings of anxiousness since its 16th-century roots in German beer brewing.  
  • Chamomile, which continues to be a top choice for unwinding, with over a million cups of tea consumed daily. 

Ashwagandha: This renowned herb from Ayurvedic medicine helps your body adapt and thrive, no matter what comes your way. True to its name, which translates to “smell of a horse” in Sanskrit, Ashwagandha provides the strength, stamina, and staying power of a horse to help you plow through stress. It works by supporting your hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which regulates critical stress hormones like cortisol. By lowering cortisol and controlling your fight-or-flight response, Ashwagandha can help ease anxiety, sharpen mental focus, boost energy levels, and promote overall balance and homeostasis. It also contains powerful compounds called withanolides, which specifically target stress pathways in the brain.

Now that you have the top three supplements that IIN Health Coaches turn to at this time of year to promote overall well-being, we hope you have peace of mind knowing where and what to turn to as you move through these busy next few weeks.

*You must operate your health practice in the United States. Nature’s Sunshine currently doesn’t ship outside of the United States. Nature’s Sunshine is an affiliate partner of IIN and IIN will earn commission on any products sold through the links in this blog post. Always consult with a healthcare practitioner before beginning any new supplement regimen.  

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