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Published: June 8, 2024

Conquering Sugar Addiction with Health Coach Jenn Edden

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A note from Joshua, founder and primary teacher here at IIN:
Today I’m excited to introduce you to someone I feel very connected with, Jenn Edden. She helps women clear cravings and reclaim confidence.  

How did you come to IIN?

My journey started after a near-death gas explosion. I quickly questioned my purpose in life and found myself enrolled at IIN. Best thing I've ever done, besides my children.

While IIN might have started out as a nutrition school, its education goes way beyond food. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not eternally grateful to Joshua and my IIN education. 

How has IIN changed your life?  

I now have three beautiful children and my business is growing strong. I often think about what my life would be like if I hadn't had this education to learn how to kick my food addictions. Now I share it with others and help change their lives.  

What was your big “aha” moment while at the school? 

My biggest awakening was when I read the book The Highly Sensitive Person. I finally understood who I was. 

And how have you leveraged that awakening in your life and business? 

I now use that sensitivity to rock my clients' world as a sugar addiction expert and stubborn weight loss coach. 

What other skills learned at IIN do you use?

I use my cooking skills that IIN taught me and focus on the art of simple cooking to create healthy, quick, tasty meals for my whole family. 

I am eternally grateful knowing I’m raising a healthy, vibrant family, and it all started with IIN. That’s what I call the IIN effect

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