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Published: June 8, 2024

How IIN Transformed My Life, Featuring Clara Chammas

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The IIN community is comprised of over 100,000 unique individuals from all over the world, but we all share similar stories of what IIN means to us and how it changed our lives. No matter the circumstances that brought us here, we’ve learned the journey toward health isn’t linear but rather filled with ups and downs that challenge us to grow into people who are capable of sparking real change in ourselves and others. In this series, you’ll hear from IIN students and graduates who share their inspiring stories about how IIN transformed their health, from physical to spiritual health and everything in between. These stories have the power to unite us in continuing our mission to spread the ripple effect of health and happiness, one Health Coach at a time.


Clara Chammas is a 2019 graduate of the IIN Health Coach Training Program. She is a practicing Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and psychologist with a passion for wellness, cooking healthy meals, and getting in a great workout.


How did you learn about IIN? What inspired you to enroll?

“I’ve lead a healthy lifestyle for a very long time! Between exercise, workouts, and cooking, I was always the one my friends came to for health tips and healthy recipes.

“I studied psychology and education, and started teaching at a very young age. When I was working as a teacher, I realized in order to be mentally healthy, we should start by being physically healthy and optimizing our lifestyles. But vice versa, we can’t be totally physically healthy without working on our mental health.

“When I started researching nutrition schools that took a holistic approach, I came across the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and found exactly what I was looking for.”

What role did health play in your life prior to IIN?

“Health has played such an important role in my life, before and after IIN. I was always athletic, and I have been a ballet dancer since I was young. My mother is also a very healthy person – she was a good role model at home and I’m grateful for her guidance.”

The year 2020 has been tough with the global pandemic, but you also experienced a harrowing incident that impacted your physical and mental health. Can you share that experience with us?

“Yes, it was a very difficult year for the whole world, but on a whole other level for me. Before the pandemic started, the economy of my country (Lebanon) completely collapsed, which led to a big revolution.

“The pandemic did not help, and to top it all off, Beirut experienced an explosion on August 4. A warehouse exploded at the port, causing tremendous damage to the entire city. I was supposed to get married in September, and my fiancé and I had just moved into our new apartment in Beirut.

“I was severely injured – I suffered from three spinal fractures and needed many stiches on my head. It is an absolute miracle I survived and I’m not paralyzed. Doctors were quite surprised I healed so quickly. I was mentally strong, and I believe this really helped me physically heal from such trauma.”

How did you use what you learned at IIN to get you through this difficult time?

“I never knew how strong I was or how strong the human body is before this explosion.

“A couple of days after the blast I was already walking! I found ways to rest, sleep, and heal naturally without any medication. I nourished myself with healthy food so I had energy and felt strong.

“When I look back at my pictures, I cannot believe how strong I was and how easily I fought. I recognize I am extremely lucky to have survived, hopefully with a full recovery, unlike many other Lebanese people in this city.

“I am also finally getting married! Having something to look forward to has helped me push through the challenging times.”

How did IIN transform your understanding of how to take care of your health?

“I realized nothing is more important in life than health. Also, having a strong immune system is incredibly important, which I realized during the pandemic and after the blast. Taking care of my body holistically has helped me immensely in my recovery, as I approach healing from both a physical and mental perspective. If it weren’t for my training at IIN, I don’t know if my experience would have been the same. I am continuing to work on my mental health every day.”

Health transformation will not look the same from one person to the next, and that’s what IIN is all about – encouraging you to dig deep to figure out who you truly are and what makes you truly happy, fulfilled, and healthy! Our Health Coach Training Program has transformed the lives of over 100,000 people, and YOU could be next! Learn more about what makes our innovative curriculum so life changing by downloading our free Curriculum Guide today.


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