January 15, 2015
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March 4, 2021

How PCOS Expert Amy Medling Healed Herself & Became a Health Coach

Happy National Health Coach Week! To celebrate, we’re featuring inspiring stories of Health Coaches who are doing amazing work in their homes, workplaces, schools, and communities. Up next is Amy Medling, Class of 2011! She’s taking over our Instagram account today – follow along here to see what she’s up to!

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is called the “thief of womanhood” for a reason. It’s an endocrine disorder that can cause infrequent menstrual periods, infertility, excessive hair growth, acne, obesity, male-pattern baldness, and depression. If left unmanaged, it can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and even certain cancers.

No one understands the struggles of PCOS better than Amy Medling, Class of 2011. Having been told at the tender age of 18 that she was infertile, Amy endured physically and emotionally brutal rounds of fertility treatment to conceive her two boys. After the birth of her second son, Amy embarked on an eye-opening health journey and healed her issues through food and lifestyle change.

Four years later, she experienced the most joyful surprise – she was pregnant with a little girl, without the help of any fertility drugs! This experience inspired Amy to launch a new career in health and wellness and ultimately enroll at Integrative Nutrition. Read her inspiring story below!

On starting her blog: I left a career in software marketing twelve years ago to become a stay-at-home mom. To keep myself busy, seven years ago I started blogging about my experience managing PCOS naturally. My blog began attracting a following and I loved that my posts were making a positive impact and helping PCOS women around the world.

PCOS Diva now gets 200,000 page views per month, my monthly newsletter reaches almost 30,000 women, and I inspire and provide relevant info on my Facebook page that has almost 90,000 highly engaged users.

On staying positive and being a diva: Many other PCOS sites convey what I think of as a negative message: “battle” PCOS, “conquer” PCOS, “fight” PCOS. When I started taking care of myself, embracing all of me, even the PCOS, and making me a priority, I became a new woman.

My husband started calling me a "diva." I have taken something that the world sees as negative and turned it into a positive. The experience of healing myself, regaining my fertility, femininity, health and happiness and having a healthy little girl, truly launched PCOS Diva. If my daughter does inherit my PCOS genes, I want her and every young woman to know that a PCOS diagnosis isn't the end of the world or something to be ashamed of. It is truly an opportunity to live life like a “diva.”

On going back to school: After my third child turned one, I was ready to start working again. I decided that rather than start a part-time marketing position, I would pursue my purpose and passion.

I began looking into master’s degree programs in nutrition, but I soon realized that what I would learn in a master’s program was not aligned with the healing process that I had experienced. That’s when I discovered Integrative Nutrition. The Health Coach Training Program paralleled my experience of healing my PCOS. Health is more than counting carbs and calories. It is about nourishing yourself on a deeper level, creating balance, loving yourself and a lifelong journey of self-discovery.

On launching her health coaching practice: Integrative Nutrition gave me the tools, resources and most importantly, the confidence to build a business around my passion in life. By the end of my year at Integrative Nutrition, I had created a thriving practice with a waiting list of clients and developed a group online program which I launched two months after graduation.

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Integrative Nutrition fit my busy lifestyle. I was able learn and build my business in just one year, all while still raising three children as a stay-at-home mom. The flexibility of the online learning and support of everyone at Integrative Nutrition made this possible for me.

On helping women reclaim their health: For me, there is nothing more nourishing or rewarding than to be able to help a woman with PCOS heal her relationship with her body and help her manage her PCOS symptoms so that the syndrome no longer holds her back from truly living life. I love being able share what I have learned on my journey in order to help other women with PCOS reclaim their femininity, fertility, health and happiness. And the best part of this work is that I pursue my passion of helping others, while still being very present at home with my kids and husband. It is the best job in the world!

This is a testimonial from a recent client: “Before my life was defined by chronic illness. I hated having PCOS because I felt like less of a woman. I couldn't bear to even look in the mirror. I felt out of control and helpless. Then I found Amy. Amy had lived with PCOS and knew what I struggled with. Better yet, she knew how I could overcome them. Working with Amy changed my life. Amy was my cheerleader and guide, offering suggestions for change and positive encouragement. I am proud to say that today, I am a diva. Rather than battle my body, I honor it and in return, it takes care of me. My PCOS symptoms have all but disappeared. Even better, I don't suffer from any of my illnesses. I feel amazing and I feel normal.”

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