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Published: June 8, 2024

IIN Staff Picks: Tips for a Healthy and Safe Summer

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Summer's here! Our staff has put together their tips to stay safe, stay healthy, and make the most of the summer sun.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

“Spending time with people outdoors. After last summer, we should not take this simple pleasure for granted!” 

- Heather Freudenthal, Education 

“A major primary food that has been lacking this past year has been family time. I am so excited to spend all summer with my family this year! An area of nourishment I will never take for granted again!” 

- Alyssa Cabral DeBois, Student Success Team 

“River rafting in the Grand Canyon with my kids!” 

- Kevin Burke, Marketing 

“I am exploring the Pacific coast, road tripping from Long Beach, CA to Seattle. Stopping in LA, San Francisco, and Portland along the way.” 

- Marissa LaRocca, Education 

“Spending time with my family and taking a few trips to see relatives that we haven't seen in 2 years.” 

- Courtney Sansone, Admissions 

How are you making sure you stay safe in the summer heat and sun?

“I drink plenty of water with added minerals all summer long, especially when spending time in the hot sun. Minerals are essential for hormonal and enzymatic processes in our bodies, and we need a surplus when we are sweating in the summer sun! There are a lot of fun recipes online for fun hydrating beverages to make! I also apply a clean sunscreen that works for me, when I am in the sun for a prolonged period of time.” 

- Alyssa Cabral DeBois, Student Success Team 

“I make sure to use a daily facial moisturizer with SPF 50 or greater and apply sunscreen every two hours during sun exposure.  I drink plenty of water to combat dehydration and snack on hydrating foods such as cucumber and watermelon throughout the day.” 

- Rebekah Winters, Sales Team 

“Always use skin protection, not being outside in the worst hours of heat, drinking a lot of water, and using a hat.” 

- Patricia García-Martín, Marketing 

“Hydration, organic fruits, and non-toxic sunscreen.” 

- Laura Ward, Admissions 

What's your favorite healthy summer dish?

“We do a ton of grilled pineapple in the summer. We marinate it in some coconut aminos, lime and a touch of coconut sugar and then throw it on the grill. It's delicious on top of grilled chicken, fish, steak, burgers, even veggies!” 

- Anna Glennon, Education 

“I'm obsessed with adding fresh fruit to my salads in the summer, starting with strawberries in June, peaches in July and watermelon in August.” 

- Erica Lamb, Education 

“My favorite summer dish would be summer rolls! I always have rice paper wraps handy to make them. It is fun to get creative with different combinations of veggies and proteins. I enjoy them best with a homemade peanut sauce.” 

- Alyssa Cabral DeBois, Student Success 

“I love to grill a whole fish filled with lots of herbs and lemon. I serve it with a fresh tomato salad or grilled zucchini.” 

- Courtney Sansone, Admissions 

“Everything with avocado, big salads with a mix of vegetables and summer fruits, ceviche and cold soups like gazpacho, a delicious summer dish from Spain.” 

- Patricia García-Martín, Marketing 

Do you have any tips/hacks for summer travel or summer adventures?

“Wherever you go, go somewhere so beautiful, photos won't do it justice. Leave your phone behind and take in the surroundings with your body. The feelings will resonate better than a photo.” 

- Heather Freudenthal, Education 

“I will "crowd out" eating processed foods by packing plenty of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables in a cooler for a camping trip. An easy quick snack or accompaniment to a protein are fresh cut vegetables and hummus. I also pack a plastic bin of healthier pantry items like CHOMPS beef sticks, banana chips, trail mix, etc., to have on hand just in case and will store them in air tight bins in my vehicle to decrease the chance of a bear encounter.” 

- Rebekah Winters, Sales Team 

“Pack less than you think you need. Stay in Airbnb's that have a washer and dryer. Also, book things well in advance! Lots of people are wanting to travel now after being cooped up during quarantine.” 

- Marissa LaRocca, Education 

“Pack something that you can wear more than once, maybe a skirt worn with a different top. Or layer a cozy sweater over a summer dress to combat those chilly summer evenings by the beach. Also, when traveling on the plane wear shoes that would take up the most space so that way you can pack one or two more items.” 

- Courtney Sansone, Admissions 

“Keep a bag of essential grab-and-go's hanging by the front door at all times to always be prepared for an impromptu adventure...I also keep a pair of workout clothes in my car in case I find myself on a spontaneous hike! Stock up on great on-the-go snacks, like squeeze pouches, dried fruit, protein sticks, or whatever fits into your dietary needs!” 

- Alyssa Cabral DeBois, Student Success Team 

“Wear a hat and sunscreen, drink plenty of water, always walk on the side of the street with the most shade and take advantage of your A/C.” 

- Kaitlyn Sullivan, Referral Marketing 

Beating the heat

Summer sun is great for getting outside and getting vitamin D, but too much sun can do irreparable damage to your skin. Keeping hydrated and investing in reef-safe, non-toxic sunscreen (even on cloudy days!) can help keep the sun going all summer long.


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