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Published: June 8, 2024

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: The Blood Sugar Solution

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Welcome to the latest installment of Integrative Nutrition Reviews, where we consider books, movies, and other media related to health, food, and personal wellness. Want to suggest something for us to review? Post it in the comments!

As you probably know, obesity and type 2 diabetes—two diseases that go hand in hand—have become major global epidemics. Recent estimates predict that by the year 2030, over half of American adults will be obese and 552 million people will struggle with diabetes.

The statistics look grim, but is there anything we can do? As it turns out, there’s hope after all. In his new book, The Blood Sugar Solution, renowned physician and IIN visiting teacher Dr. Mark Hyman offers an encouraging answer for the dual-pronged problem of obesity and insulin resistant diabetes, which Hyman refers to as “diabesity.”

Diabesity may have a tight grip on the world’s population, but Hyman offers some good news: the condition is highly preventable, treatable, and often reversible. The Blood Sugar Solution provides a personal plan that breaks through myths and misconceptions about diabesity, and lays out seven key steps to preventing, treating and reversing both diseases by dealing with the underlying causes.

The eight-week plan is designed to reboot the metabolism, foster weight loss, and essentially reverse type 2 diabetes. According to Hyman, additional benefits may include reduced blood pressure, increased energy, the elimination of joint and muscle pain, improved sleep, and an overall better mood and outlook.

So, what does this eight-week program look like? With a holistic approach to health, Hyman not only recommends the medical essentials like getting an insulin response test and educating yourself about nutrition; he also places much-needed emphasis on all aspects of one’s lifestyle. In addition to eating well and staying active, Hyman argues that it’s equally important to:

  • Relax. Stress is a major unrecognized contributor to insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalance. Hyman helps readers discover tactics for rest and relaxation including techniques related to sleep, breathing, journaling, and aromatherapy.
  • Get active. In conjunction with the right diet, Hyman recommends increased exercise as a major factor in treating diabesity.
  • Detox. Hyman asks us to consider and eliminate the environmental toxins around us, as he feels they significantly contribute to diabesity.
  • Self-reflect. Hyman endorses getting attuned to your own specific biological imbalances and looking for ways to address them.
  • Connect. According to Hyman, a support system is crucial to improvement, and gives you the opportunity to invite friends, families, and neighbors to change their diets and lifestyle along with you.

These core components of good health – which we at Integrative Nutrition call primary food – are essential forms of nourishment.

Since The Blood Sugar Solution is rounded out by scientific findings, facts, figures, assessments, and explanations, it can be an especially useful reference guide for Health Coaches. It provides tried-and-true wisdom in an action-oriented plan form. While it’s specifically geared towards those suffering from obesity and type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetics will find the book useful as well for maintaining health and balancing blood sugar.

As always, be sure to talk with your doctor before starting on this (or any) new treatment plan.

What techniques have you used to fight diseases like diabesity?


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