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Published: June 8, 2024

Nicole Jardim, IIN Alum, on Empowering Women To Find Better Health

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Bloating, cramping, wild mood swings … for some women, getting their periods each month is debilitating. Nicole Jardim, Class of 2010, was once in the same crippling boat. Her symptoms improved when her doctor put her on the pill, but when she experienced a host of new health problems, she knew there had to be a better way.

Thus began Nicole’s health journey that ultimately led her to Integrative Nutrition. After learning to heal herself through whole foods and a balanced lifestyle, Nicole’s hormonal problems paved the way for what is now her life’s work: empowering women to become active participants in their health. She has a thriving online health coaching practice where she runs her signature Fix Your Period program and splits her time between New York City and Buenos Aires.

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are proud to feature Nicole and showcase her important work. She’s taking over our Instagram account today – follow along here to see what she’s up to!

On working in television: I studied film and TV production and went on to work as a freelance production manager on TV commercials and large events. It was a lot of fun working on huge commercials with celebrities, the MTV Video Music Awards, and the Super Bowl. I got to work with amazing people and travel all over the country.

But eventually it began to take a huge toll on my health. I was traveling a lot, waking up at 4am, working 16-hour days, and eating crappy food! No good for a girl who was trying to get her health on track!

On finding Integrative Nutrition: I had a lot of health problems as a teen and in my early twenties. I saw a ton of doctors and no one could really help with my period problems, hormonal imbalances, and gut issues. I was on “the pill”, which was making it worse, but I didn't know that at the time. Finally I saw an acupuncturist and he was the catalyst for this massive change in my outlook and my health. He explained exactly what was wrong with me and started to treat my gut problems immediately.

He told me to get off “the pill” and change my diet as well as start practicing yoga. So I was on the right track, and Integrative Nutrition kept popping up during this time. My chiropractor's wife was doing it and a couple others mentioned it to me, too. Once I learned more I knew I had to go!

On transforming her life: I basically moved from Florida to New York City to go to Integrative Nutrition! Being exposed to all these new dietary theories was almost immediately life-changing. I was fascinated by visiting teacher Sally Fallon and the Weston A Price foundation. I'd never even heard of traditional diets and was very much drawn to that way of eating. Any of the sessions that involved women's health and scientific evidence also interested me because I knew I wanted to specialize in this area.

On finding a community: Suddenly I was in this magical place surrounded by 1,200 other like-minded people and we were learning from leading experts in the health and wellness world. #dreamcometrue

I met the most incredible people during my Integrative Nutrition journey and have remained good friends with all of them. We've traveled together and collaborated in business! I quit my freelance production career and began building my health coaching practice.

On her current health coaching practice: I am a Young Women's Hormonal Health Coach and I have a thriving online business. I help women take back control of their hormones and their lives with my Fix Your Period series of programs. I do this in a number of ways – one-on-one, in-group programs, and I have self-study e-courses. I am truly living my dream! I get to really help women find solutions to their hormonal and period problems while living on my own terms. I currently split my time between NYC and Buenos Aires which is awesome because I've always wanted to live in two places.

On what she loves about her work: More than anything I love when a woman begins to see the connection between her food, stress and lifestyle and her hormonal and reproductive health. There are many instances when it only takes small changes for a woman to see big results! My favorite is when women write me and tell me they did one of my e-courses or they've been in one of my group programs and they got pregnant (after not being able to) or they got their periods back after not having them for a year. Those stories make my heart sing!

On empowering women: I show women that they can be active participants in their health rather than helpless bystanders. Once women have a clear understanding of how their bodies actually work, they are much more inclined to make more empowered and educated decisions about their health. Knowledge truly is power in the case of women's health.

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