October 2, 2022
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October 3, 2022

The IIN Community of Well BeIINgs: Michelle Badillo, on Using Yoga to Be Her Authentic Self

Name: Michelle Badillo

Location: Miami, Florida, United States



Q: What inspired you to enroll at IIN?

 My health, my well-being.

Q: How are you using your Health Coach Training Program education?

I use it to complement my spiritual yoga retreats and Kundalini experience events in Miami.

Q: How did your understanding of Health Coaching expand upon taking the program?

It opened my mind completely – expanded my knowledge of food and emotions. It helped me to realize that food is the gateway to spirituality.

Q: Did IIN help you find a way of eating that works for you? If so, tell us more about that journey.

Definitely! I finally understand that there are many more ways to feed your body than with the “basic” foods we all know.

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Q: How do you nourish yourself beyond your plate with primary food?

I nourish myself by doing Kundalini yoga, meditating, attending spiritual retreats, learning new things, practicing deep breathing, spending time in nature, enjoying healthy food, and building my tribe!

Q: How are you living a life you love? How did the program help you achieve this?

The Health Coach Training Program helped me understand that engaging in spiritual practice every day is the way to feel fulfilled and open to receiving new things.

Q: Health is not a destination; it’s an evolution and a journey. How does this resonate with you?

Sometimes we forget to experience each moment, each minute, and be grateful. And yes, it’s a very particular journey, but it’s the essence of life.

Q: What is your morning routine?

I take a long, deep breath, then put both feet on the floor and stand for 10 seconds, being conscious of and grateful for another day. Then I brush my teeth and brush my tongue. Some days, I like to drink hot water with lemon; some days, I drink a smoothie after my fasting. Then I'll go to a yoga class or do it at home, for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

Q: What music do you play to get out of a funk?

Snatam Kaur, White Sun, Simrit, Aykanna, Kamari and Manvir, Krishan, Nirinjan Kaur, or Seal & Friends.

Q: What’s your favorite on-the-go snack?

 An apple with peanut or almond butter.

Q: What’s one thing you can’t run your business without?

 Definitely music!

Q: We’re calling our IIN graduates and community members Well BeIINgs. How do you embody well-being?

By living my own truth, exploring my real essence. Be real, be authentic, be you!

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