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Our Nutritional Approach to Health Coach Training


IIN’s Nutrition and Health Curriculum

IIN’s online Health Coach Training ProgramTM covers a variety of subjects in nutrition, nutrition science, and lifestyle and functional medicine.

You'll hear from experts on topics such as food as functional medicine, joy and self-care, healthy cooking and budgeting, and how nutrition plays a pivotal role in overall wellness. We also cover more complex health topics, such as gut health and the human microbiome, digestive issues and the role of the elimination diet, inflammation and anti-inflammatory eating, stress management and dietary choices, sugar and hormonal balance, adrenal health, and much more.

IIN takes an integrative and holistic approach to wellness, embracing and teaching the concept of integrative nutrition.
Food changes everything, but your health is determined by much more than just the food you eat. You also must nourish the areas of your life that feed your soul, such as fostering positive relationships, having a fulfilling career, and finding joy and purpose. This is what we refer to as integrative nutrition, the integration of all dimensions of your well-being to create true health and happiness.
You'll embrace bio-IINdividuality, empowering you to discover your own health philosophy, including what foods and ways of eating work best for you.
Everyone’s needs are different and what works for one person won’t work for another—this is IIN’s core concept of bio-individuality. Through this lens, you will develop your personal approach to life and health coaching that honors your unique body, and how to apply this approach with others to spark their own transformation.
You’ll dive deeper into health coach topics and your health coach training during Integration and Lab Modules that bring your education to life.

Your IIN experience is about finding what excites and inspires you to live a life you love and become your healthiest, happiest self. These are designated weeks to practice and apply what you’ve learned, including experimenting with the tools you need to share your wellness knowledge with the world. Our innovative health coaching and nutrition program is designed to be a transformative and deeply personal experience for every student.

“Food is information. All food is not created equal.”

- Susan Blum, MD, MPH
Institute for Integrative Nutrition Visiting Faculty


IIN Has Been Leading the Health Coaching Industry for 30 Years


To continue to be the leader in the field, IIN’s Health Coach Training Program has evolved and been reimagined with new content, new teachers, and a new mobile app.

You’ll learn from the best, with the best, in our innovative online health coach training that was created by master educators and the exclusive content of over 95 visiting faculty.


A Groundbreaking Online Health Coach Training Experience

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A Groundbreaking Online Health Coach Training Experience

Study on the couch, during your commute, or at the beach—learning with IIN has become even more accessible! All your program materials are at your fingertips in the IIN Learning Center, which can be accessed on your mobile devices in the mobile app, or on the web via your tablet or computer. This program was designed to fit your lifestyle and how you learn best -- earn your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certificate in English or Spanish, in six or 12 months.

Immerse yourself in an interactive and inspirational education experience.

The Health Coach Training Program contains a variety of learning tools that facilitate your understanding and mastery of the holistic health content, from interactive curriculum elements to live (virtual) coaching sessions with a professional Health Coach. Plus, the IIN Learning Center was designed to help you be productive and stay on track, with automated messages, reminders, and notifications from the IIN team.

Join the largest, most passionate global community of Health Coaches.

Our online Health Coach Training Program has allowed people from all over the world to become a part of our mission to spread the ripple effect of health and happiness. You’ll join a community of thousands of students who you can connect with in your private class Facebook group, in live Coaching Circle sessions, and at exclusive IIN events. You will never be alone in your pursuit of a career and life you love.

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