155,000 transformations and counting

155,000 transformations and counting

The Health Coach Training
Program Experience

Created 30 years ago, The Health Coach Training Program has evolved into a life-changing, immersive online experience that will teach you how to live a fulfilling life.
Personal Transformation

Embrace coaching as a lifestyle: you are your first client, with our signature IINtegrative Coaching Method. Apply what you learn in virtual coaching sessions to focus on self-development and thrive in all aspects of your life.


Immerse yourself in the global IIN community with opportunities to connect and network with classmates and coaches. Harness your potential and find your purpose with the support of others just like you.


Explore diverse health, wellness, and nutrition topics that will empower you to create sustainable healthy habits for your unique journey. Learn how to prioritize your mental health and well-being based on your needs.

Sofia Rodrigues

Several of the main pillars of my approach to supporting clients as a transformational coach come directly from the program, such as the concept of an integrative approach to well-being and the need for accountability to achieve lasting change.

Sah D’Simone

Since earning my certificate , I’ve written two internationally bestselling books; taught all over the world; touched the lives of millions with my viral videos; launched a top-rated spirituality podcast; appeared on television talk shows; spoke at TEDX; and worked with global organizations like Google, Meta, and more.

Abbie Crane

Today I'm honoring what feels right and allowing each day to be unique. Feeling my way through, with less rigidity, is new for me. IIN helped me to see the value in listening to my body and to trust in the wisdom within. Acceptance and grace create the space to feel more self-love

Ethan Schiff

I owned a company for the last 10 years but dissolved it to pursue health coaching and now am a full-time coach along with a team of three others, all of whom are IIN graduates.

Michelle Badillo

I use my certificate to complement my spiritual yoga retreats and Kundalini experience events in Miami. The Health Coach Training Program helped me understand that engaging in spiritual practice every day is the way to feel fulfilled and open to receiving new things.

Marcus Rendon

IIN helped me realize my purpose and that I wanted to share all my knowledge with those around me, especially men, creating safe spaces to guide them on their unique paths.

Dominique Barkhausen

All the knowledge I learned years ago at IIN I still use to this day, personally and professionally. I use all this information in my coaching membership, with my clients at my store, and in the content I share on social media day after day.

Kailey Donewald

The program guided me through a lot of self-study, which led to uncovering natural gifts and strengths and how to work with those for the betterment of society. Doing so has led me to my calling and passion in life ‒ which is one of the most spiritual experiences there is!

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