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Deepak Chopra joins IIN as Chief Wellness Officer

Esteemed faculty member and wellness visionary, Deepak Chopra brings his unparalleled insights and knowledge to support IIN's evolution into the world’s leading integrative health education and certification platform. As IIN's Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Chopra will advise on course content creation and strategy, as well as support IIN as they expand their best-in-class educational offerings.


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The Health Coach Training Program Experience


Discover what feeds your body, mind, and soul to live a life you love.

  • Learn from 95+ visiting faculty, coaches, and guides.
  • Be empowered to find the diet and lifestyle practices that work for you.
  • Understand how to coach others to experience personal transformation.
  • Find balance in all areas of your life.
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Here’s What Integrative Nutrition Graduates Have to Say

Over 155,000 students and graduates in 175 countries — people just like you! — have used their IIN education to improve their well-being, pursue a health coaching career, or forge their unique path in wellness to help others.

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Flavia Machioni

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Influencer

When I first heard about IIN’s Health Coach Training Program, I thought it could be a great way for me to further develop my health business as well as help me improve my own health ‒ and it was! I lost my father, after he got very ill, when I was 15 years old. Later, I learned that his disease could have possibly been prevented by changing his habits. When I found myself going his way at only 21 years old, I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to be healthier and happier.


Lauren Cunningham

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Author

Before IIN, I suppressed my love for holistic health because I did not really understand it. It was different and not many people had an interest in it. IIN has connected me with like-minded people who have the ability to teach me and offer me community. I am so grateful for all the opportunities IIN has given me!


Joy Randolph

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Speaker

I now work as a holistic career coach, where I help women discover their gifts, fulfill their purpose, and create a joyful life. Learning about primary food at IIN helped me see how our health, happiness, and fulfillment aren’t just influenced by nutrition; they’re also influenced by our career, spirituality, and how we take care of our mind and body.

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