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Before Your ...
Published: June 8, 2024

Before Your Time

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Have you ever thought that who you are today in your career, relationships and life might be linked to what your parents were going through when you were conceived?

Look at your life now. Is money always tight? Do you have loving relationships? Are your relationships tumultuous? Do you love to learn? Perhaps if you have concerns around money your parents were undergoing financial problems when they conceived you. Were they newly married and just starting their lives together? Perhaps the love they had for each other shows up in your romantic relationships. Do you have not one, but two or more degrees? Do you love to read or take classes? Maybe your mom or dad were in school when they conceived you, or were planning to go back to school.

This might be a difficult exercise for some of you, but I encourage you to take the time to do some research. If your parents are still around ask them. If you’re not able to ask your parents directly, maybe you have an older sibling or other relatives who might know.

How do these stories inform who you are today? What insights are you able to form, based on this part of your personal history? If you feel comfortable, share with us. If not, jot these insights down and keep for yourself. This is a great exercise to help you connect with your parents as well as to think about why you are the way you are.


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