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Published: June 8, 2024

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: 23 Apps for Health & Happiness

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Smartphones are nearly ubiquitous in this day and age, and we’re excited to see so many nutrition, fitness, and wellness apps on the market! If you’d like to find out how your phone can be turned into a tool for your personal health, check out this next segment in our Integrative Nutrition Reviews series.



RunKeeper - iOS / Android

Enter activity manually, or use the GPS feature to track your run automatically. The app will save information about how far you went, your pace, calories burned, and your route and upload them to It even integrates your phone's music, and makes it easy to share your accomplishments with friends online. (Free)



C25K - iOS / Android / Blackberry

Never run a day of your life? No problem. This app already has your gradual training for a 5K all planned out. With GPS support, music integration, and alerts to let you know when you need to switch between walking and running, you'll be a regular runner in no time. ($2.99)



Gorilla Workout - iOS

A play on "guerrilla," this app provides an exercise regimen you can do anywhere with no-equipment, using only your own body weight for resistance. Save money on the gym! ($1.99)




If you do have access to a gym, this app will show you how to use the equipment to yield the best results. You'll learn proper technique and get great fitness advice from your own personal trainer app. ($1.99) 



There are a lot of fitness apps out there that are similar to those listed above. If you want to check out what else the market has to offer, our community has a few suggestions: MyFitnessPal, iMapMyFitness, Nike + GPS, BodyBugg, Endomondo, Runmeter, BikeBrain, 100 Pushups, DailyMile, HeiaHeia, and many more!

Diet & Nutrition


Fooducate - iOS / Android

Scan your groceries to find out how healthy your choices are, better understand nutrition labels, and compare products. (Free. Ad-Free Fooducate Plus for iOS - $3.99)



EWG's Dirty Dozen - iOS / Android

This app form the Environmental Working Group ranks 53 fruits and veggies based on their level of pesticide residues to help you know what produce to buy organic, and what produce is fine to buy conventionally. (Free)



Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide - iOS

Trying to steer clear of genetically modified organisms? Download this non-biased, third-party non-GMO verification app for a list of brands and products that are guaranteed to be GMO-free. (Free)



Honest Labels - iOS / Android

Is that the real portion size? What's that mystery ingredient? Does this contain HFCS? Find out fast with this app that lets you scan over 250,000 products in the grocery store. (Free)



Lose It! - iOS / Android

A good logging app for your diet and exercise with a large database of foods and calories to help you achieve your ideal weight. (Free)



MyOmBody - iOS Beta

This app is still in beta testing, but you can sign up to test today! This app is like a personal Health Coach in your pocket. Track your food, evaluate its quality (i.e. organic, packaged, home cooked), how much you enjoyed it, and how it made you feel later to find a more comprehensive view of your individual food needs. Track your supplements, exercise, blood pressure, illness, and much more, too! (Available through sign-up – Free)


Like with the fitness apps, there are a lot of similar diet tracking apps out there. Here are a few our community recommends: Livestrong Calorie Tracker, MyNetDiary, PicHealthy, Waterlogged, and SparkPeople.



Veg Out / Happy Cow - iOS / Android

Find nearby vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants in your area using your GPS location. Don't settle for the plain salad at the closest diner ever again. ($2.99 for iOS, Free for Android or $1.89 for Full Version)



Green Smoothies - iOS / Android

What's in your fridge? Plug your on-hand ingredients into this app to discover what nutritious smoothies you can make. You can even narrow your search for a particular health need, like kid-friendly smoothies or skin-enhancing mixtures! ($1.99)



How to Cook Everything Vegetarian - iOS

With more than 2000 vegetarian recipes (900 are vegan, too!), how-to illustrations, and equipment information, cooking vegetarian has never been easier. The app even includes built-in timers in the recipes! ($4.99)



Cook It Allergy Free - iOS

Challenged in the kitchen because you have a food allergy? This app will includes substitutions and recipes so that you can make all your favorite dishes gluten, dairy, egg, or nut-free! ($4.99)



Vegan Xpress - iOS

Discover all the vegan options at popular restaurant chains! This app lists the vegan dishes at more than 110 common restaurants, plus includes a list of grocery snacks and products you may not have known were vegan. ($1.99)



Whole Foods Market Recipes - iOS / Android

Want to find healthy delicious recipes using whole, organic ingredients available at Whole Foods? Look no further. The advanced search includes the ability to search by dietary preference (i.e. vegan or gluten-free), and you can even search for recipes that include items you already have on hand. (Free)



Locavore - iOS / Android

Using your phone's GPS, this app will find you the nearest farms and farmers' markets where you can buy locally grown, in-season produce. (Free)



Primary Foods


Gratitude Journal Your Positive Thoughts - iOS

This app encourages you to log 5 things you are grateful for each day. You can even add photos to your posts, password protect the app, and upload your posts online to save them forever. (Available for iPhone - $0.99. iPad - $2.99)



I Can Do It Cards App - iOS

Louise L. Hay's app includes 60 affirmation cards to help you power through your challenges. You can swipe through the "deck," shuffle, or flip the cards to remind yourself that you can do it. (Available on iPhone - $3.99)



Breathe - The Autonomic Pilot - iOS

Center yourself in your day with this breathing app. With the three different breathing rhythms already programmed, you can channel your focus to attain balance, relaxation, and increased energy. ($1.99)



Wunderlist Task Manager - iOS / Android

Have your to-do list synced on all your devices with this easy, attractive task manager. Maintain multiple to-do lists, use drag and drop to organize them, and use email reminds and push notifications to make sure you get everything done! (Free)



Sleep Cycle - iOS

Sleep better and wake up refreshed with this app. Place your phone on your bed while you sleep and this app uses data from iPhone's accelerometer to track your movements and wake you up during the lightest part of your sleep cycle. ($0.99)



RelationTips - iOS

Get tips for building and improving your relationships. The app includes ideas for dates, words, and acts that are tailored to eight different relationships, such as husband, mother, and son. There's even a place to keep lists of your loved ones' favorite things. ($1.99)



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