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Published: June 8, 2024

Integrative Nutrition Reviews: 9 Apps for Sustainability & Wellness

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If you just use your phone to make calls and play Angry Birds, you could be missing out on some great new tools to help you live a healthy, happy life! If you liked our previous posts, 23 Apps for Health & Happiness and More Apps for Your Health & Happiness, you're sure to love our latest list of IIN-approved apps!



Clean Plates - iPhone

Find your next healthy, sustainable restaurant pick with this app! Browse for organic meats, vegan or vegetarian fare, gluten-free options, and naturally sweetened desserts, alongside more standard restaurant filters, like price and ambiance. We're so excited about this app version of 2005 graduate Jared Koch's essential guide to New York dining, Clean Plates! Currently, only restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles are included in the search, but we'll update when the app expands! (FREE)


inBloom - iPhone

Like to buy organic? Or gluten-free? Paleo-friendly, raw, or local? This customizable app will help you find food to suit your dietary and environmental preferences, whatever they are! Based on your location, the app can direct you to the nearest of any of its hundreds of listed farmers markets, grocery stores, CSAs, green hotels, biodiesel and electric charging stations, green supply stores, and clothing stores. Finding your favorite sustainable products will be a piece of organic cake. (FREE)

Seafood Watch - iPhone / Android 

Find the healthiest sustainable seafood near you with this constantly updated app. With a broad database of restaurants and markets, this tool will ensure that you feel good about your impact on the ocean. Sort seafood by "Best Choice," "Good Alternative," or "Avoid," and even find nearby alternatives for fish on the "Avoid" list. A new feature even lets you contribute to the app by listing new places you've found sustainable seafood! (FREE) 


Just Science - iPhone

For environmentally conscious iPhone users, this app makes climate change easy to understand. Using data from over 39,000 points around the globe gathered by researchers at Berkeley, the app features color-coded visualizations to show the temperature change from 1800 to 2009. Zoom in on your region, search for patterns, and let the evidence speak for itself. It may even keep you motivated to recycle. (FREE)


SmartPlanet - iPhone / Android

Interested in the future of sustainability? This app from CBS Interactive will fill you in on the latest science and technology that's moving our cities, transportation, energy use, and health towards a better future. (FREE)





Trackin' It Up - iPhone

The ultimate life tracker, this app allows you to journal daily gratitude, create and record goals, record your own daily affirmations, and share with a friend. You can even track what you eat, how often you exercise and add your own nutritional tips! It's an all-in-one lifestyle application to help you be your best and reach your goals. Best of all, Trackin' It Up is by our current student, Charlena Robinson. ($14.99)


Cardiograph - iPhone / Android

A practical and straightforward app, this program uses your phone's built-in camera to accurately read your heart rate. Just place your finger over the camera, press start, and see your heart rate right on the screen. It's great for exercising or if you just want to know how fast your heart is beating. Keep track of your history and make notes if you like, too! ($1.99 on iPhone, FREE on Android)


The Habit Factor - iPhone / Android 

Achieve any goal by forming new habits! Based off the bestselling book by Martin Grunburg, this app uses Grunburg's Habit Alignment Technology to enable to you accomplish more in less time. Establish your goals, then track your progress with charts, calendars, and photos, and align your habits! You'll find you can achieve your goals faster than you ever believed! ($6.99 on iPhone / $4.99 on Android)


Pocket Yoga - iPhone / Android / Blackberry 

Enjoy a personal yoga instructor, everywhere you go. Just set your device in front of your mat and Pocket Yoga will guide you through a whole session, including inhale and exhalation coaching. Select from three different practices, three difficulty levels, and three durations. The app even includes illustrations of over 145 poses to help you achieve correct posture and positioning, as well as tracking capabilities so you can keep a log of your progress! ($2.99 on iPhone, $0.99 on Android, FREE Lite Version on Blackberry, Full Version $3.99 on Blackberry)


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