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Published: June 8, 2024

Top 10 Health Coaching Apps for Food, Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness

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In November, we brought you 23 iPhone apps to help you achieve health and wellness everywhere you go. But since not all of you are using iPhones, we thought we’d rework that list to also include links to Android and Blackberry versions, if available. Now we’ve brought you 10 more apps, many of which are available on several different platforms!

Food & Nutrition Apps


The Eatery - iOS

Learn more about yourself and your eating habits with this easy food tracking app. Simply snap a photo and rate your meal. It's not about counting calories, but studies support the idea that just recording what you eat can help you get healthier. (Free)

meal plans food on the tableMeal Plans - Food on the Table – Android / iOS

Is planning out your meals for the week a hassle? Are you spending too much on groceries? This app can help! Using your location, this app will find foods on sale at your local supermarket, provide recipes using those ingredients and based on your preferences, and compile an organized grocery list for you. Meal planning is now a cinch! (Free)

chemical cuisineChemical Cuisine - Android / iOS 

Ever wondered what that long, scientific-sounding ingredient on your favorite snack’s nutrition label is? This is the app for you. With safety ratings and descriptions for over 130 food additives, you can search and find the information to help you make healthy decisions. ($0.99)

calorie counterCalorie Counter by FatSecret - Blackberry / Android / iOS 

This simple food tracker will help you find nutritional info for all your foods, plus log your daily intake, exercise, and weight. Consistent food journaling is proven to lead to a healthier lifestyle – start now, and for free! (Free)



stretch exercisesStretch Exercises - Android 

Aches and pains keeping you from the activities you love? Try starting a daily stretching regimen with this app. With more than 40 stretches with tips on how to do them correctly, you'll be increasing blood flow and flexibility in no time! (Free)

iMapMyRuniMapMyRun – Blackberry / Android / iOS

Looking for an easy way to log all of your runs? This app will track your routes, distance, pace, and calories in real time using GPS. All the info from your phone will sync to where you can track all your progress! (Free)

my interval timerMy Interval Timer – Blackberry / Android 

Did you know that a high intensity interval workout can be as effective for burning fat and boosting metabolism as hours of cardio? With this app, you can design your own interval training program and take it anywhere! (Free on Android, $2.99 on Blackberry)




Guided Meditation Apps by Shazzie - iOS

This guided meditation app promises to leave you refreshed and renewed as Shazzie's soothing voice leads you to a greater understanding of yourself. Choose one or all of four guided meditations: Love Yourself, Find Your Soul Mate, or Be Wealthy Now. ($4.99)

mycalmbeatMyCalmBeat – Blackberry / Android / iOS 

Stressed? Deep breathing can lower your heart rate and decrease your stress levels in minutes. With this app, you can train your body and mind how to exercise with deep breathing. Time yourself and beat your personal best while you reduce your stress! (Free)

101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy - iOS 

This app from Experience Life magazine includes 101 different suggestions on how to improve your health today, no matter what your age or lifestyle. Browse all 101, or select the “Revolutionary Act of the Day” to get a daily idea for living better. With links to more than 450 Experience Life articles, you’ll find more than 101 different inspirations!



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