March 9, 2012
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

The IINsider's Digest: The Blood Sugar Solution, A Mainstream Mention for Health Coaches, and Pink Slime for Lunch

The IINsider’s Digest gathers all the hottest nutrition topics around the web in one place for your reading pleasure. This week, Integrative Nutrition teacher Dr. Mark Hyman published his new book, The Blood Sugar Solution, while Michael Jacobson of the CSPI, also an IIN nutrition expert, was featured in a CBS News article about a chemical found in cola that raises the risk for cancer. The Wall Street Journal featured a piece highlighting the efforts of Health Coaches to help others improve their wellness, and it was reported that the government bought seven million pounds of ammonia-treated meat for school lunches.

Ending Obesity and Diabetes: What’s the Secret? [VIDEO]
CBS News
Featuring IIN Teacher Mark Hyman

Dr. Mark Hyman, credited with helping former President Bill Clinton turn his health around, speaks to the CBS This Morning co-hosts about his new book The Blood Sugar Solution and gives tips on how to eat healthier.

Chemical Found in Cola Causes Cancer, Watchdog Warns: What Does FDA Say?
CBS News
Featuring IIN teacher Michael Jacobson

Can drinking soda cause cancer? A report yesterday from the U.S. consumer watchdog The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) said popular sodas contain high levels of a chemical that's used to give cola its caramel coloring - and that chemical could raise a soda-drinker's cancer risk.

Medicine, Museums, and Spoons Full of Sugar
Huffington Post
By IIN Teacher David Katz

Kids these days - and adults, for that matter - are consuming far too many spoons full of sugar. This sugar excess contributes importantly to the epidemic of obesity, and all of its consequences - diabetes in particular. Diabetes and other complications of obesity require pharmacotherapy much of the time. And there we have it: spoons full of sugar, helping medicine go down.

Pink Slime for School Lunch: Government Buying 7 Million Pounds of Ammonia-Treated Meat for Meals
Huffington Post

Pink slime - that ammonia-treated meat in a bright Pepto-bismol shade - may have been rejected by fast food joints like McDonald's, Taco Bell and Burger King, but is being brought in by the tons for the nation's school lunch program. The U.S. Department of Agriculture is purchasing 7 million pounds of the "slime" for school lunches, The Daily reports.

live a life you love as a health coach guide opt in banner

Help Me Get Fit, Coach: Coaches can motivate you to improve your health
Wall Street Journal

They don't carry whistles or bench you after a bad night, but Health Coaches increasingly are helping patients up their game in terms of wellness. Their main mission: help patients confront challenges such as managing their medications, losing weight, and increasing their physical activity levels — all of which can lead to less pain and lower medical costs over time.

A Heart Helper May Come at a Price for the Brain
NY Times

After a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery in 2010, Steve Colburn of Portland, Ore., began taking a cholesterol-lowering statin at the maximum dose. Soon, he began experiencing memory problems. His doctor suggested a “drug vacation,” and when Mr. Colburn stopped taking the statin for six weeks, the problems disappeared. Then he tried a different statin at a high dose, but the cognitive difficulties returned.

Responding to Consumer Concern, Campbell’s Goes BPA-Free

Back in September, the traditionally family-friendly Campbell’s Soup brand was attracting attention from moms for all the wrong reasons. A report released by advocacy group Breast Cancer Fund found the company’s soup to have some of the highest BPA levels among a variety of canned foods it tested. Of particular concern to parents was the fact that the products most appealing to children–soups and Spaghetti-O’s with fun shapes in them – ranked highest in the study.

Which hot topics in nutrition have you buzzing this week?

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