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Published: June 8, 2024

Health Leadership Award: Ambassadors

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For this week’s Health Leadership Award, we continue to honor members of our powerful, inspirational community of Ambassadors. From personal transformation to remarkable business savvy, these five women prove that it’s never too late (or too early) to turn your passion and individuality into an IINspiring career.

MaryAnn Jones WebsiteFacebookTwitter
Before enrolling at IIN, I was basically "on deadline" for 20 years! As an art director in magazine publishing, my career was exciting but stressful. As the mom of a child with Type 1 diabetes, I was painfully aware of how food choices impact your health. Suddenly, I was laid off and faced with time to think about what was next for me, professionally and personally. I began to work with a Health Coach, and was invited to attend a live class. I knew then that IIN was a perfect fit for me. The practical, bio-individual, holistic approach to nutrition resonated with my personal beliefs and experience.

Kamala ChambersWebsiteFacebookTwitter
Attending IIN was the best decision I’ve ever made! Before I attended, my healing practice was sparse, and I was in a relationship with a loveless alcoholic. Now, just a few years later, I have a full practice coaching women how to thrive in business. I’m in a loving partnership with a fellow Health Coach, and together, we teach dynamic classes to boost people’s love life and energy awareness skills.



Melanie AlbertWebsiteFacebookTwitter
IIN has given me the credentials to be a nutrition expert, author and speaker. I’ve published two nutrition books, been involved with the NFL and Super Bowl for five years, improved the nutrition and health of numerous former NFL players and their families, and in 2011, my company, Experience Nutrition, was proud to be an Official Health & Wellness Partner of the NFL alumni. The last few years, I’ve enjoyed expanding my business to positively influence the nutrition of kids in sports. Today, Experience Nutrition is nutrition for the entire sports community.

Elizabeth Rider WebsiteFacebookTwitter
Since graduating, I’ve been able to build a huge online wellness business with the knowledge I gained from IIN through blogging, social media, and mentoring other Health Coaches to do the same. The best part about this program is that you can create a business completely authentic and unique to you, based on what you love to do each day. It’s been a wildly fun ride!



Kristina SarhadiWebsiteFacebook - Twitter
To me, there is nothing more resistant than becoming healthy and empowered in an unhealthy and disempowering culture. I think of Health Coaches as the new revolutionaries of our time—leading the way through the darkness of malnutrition, obesity, diabetes, depression and the countless other epidemic trying to claim our health and happiness. My advice to future IIN students and health leaders is to always remember the importance of this work. Even in our most insecure and uncertain moments, there are millions of people who are desperate for a helping hand. Trust your story and stay true to your personality above all else; the rest will follow naturally.


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