June 17, 2013
Last Updated:
March 4, 2021

Meet the Winners of the Mission: Healthy Dads Photo Contest

A few weeks ago we announced the Mission: Healthy Dads photo contest to celebrate fathers and bring attention to the importance of men’s health. Men often don’t make their own health a priority, raising their risk for serious chronic disease. The contest offered three amazing fathers the chance to win a free ride to Integrative Nutrition, giving them a chance to improve their health and launch a satisfying new career.

We were blown away by the response! Over 100 incredible men were nominated, and the three winners are true inspirations. We’re confident that these fathers will transform their lives and spread a ripple effect of health and happiness in their families, communities, and beyond. Meet our inspiring contest winners:

Kyle Yarian

"Kyle would be one awesome Health Coach! He has 13 years of Military experience, where training and teaching other soldiers has been his passion. He recently opened a Licensed Massage Therapy Clinic and Spa for me (his other half), which has started his rapidly growing interest in living a healthier lifestyle. He watched his family’s history of cardiovascular issues affect their lives. Now, with the start of extremely high blood pressure and other health issues at only 31 years old, Kyle has become determined not only to learn healthy living, but to teach his children and everyone in his life." - Tina Davis

Kimatni Rawlins

"My husband began his transformation two years ago by dedicating his time and efforts to understanding what “healthy” meant to him. During his journey not only did the whole family convert to veganism but he also began a small non-profit organization committed to healthy active living, Fit Fathers, LLC. This non-profit is a way for him to share and inspire others into living a healthier lifestyle so that the children see him as their role model and break the vicious cycle of obesity. Therefore, I would like to nominate my husband for this award. Healthy = Fit Fathers." - Misa Rawlins

Michael Gesling

"After 31 years as a firefighter/paramedic, past instructor for many medical programs, and a coaching style supervisor, I have retired. The diet and lifestyle during those years is ingrained and needs to change. My wife graduated from IIN in 2012 and we want to begin the next chapter together in a healthy environment for ourselves, our daughter, and those we have known during my career. They need real nutrition information to stay healthy and protect us in the future. I want to be part of the health movement."

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Thank you to all those who participated! We are so inspired by all the dads who are making an effort to get healthy, and the family members who are supporting them.

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